Volume 3 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix has Just Begun

Everything you need to know going into Overwatch’s 3rd and final Anniversary Remix

Volume 3 of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix has Just Begun

The Overwatch Anniversary Remix, the 3rd and final Volume, has just begun, starting August 9th. The last of 3 such Remix events to celebrate the 6th year of Overwatch, the Remix event is exactly what it sounds like, holiday and other limited-time cosmetics are once again let loose on the game. The event also holds another distinctive honor, though one that the fanbase is a little less willing to celebrate than the 6th anniversary. The final volume of the remix event also serves as the last event the original Overwatch is going to have, as Overwatch 2 will be taking its place upon release.

The trailer for the Anniversary Remix: Volume 3

Every Anniversary remix has been made of two main parts, the remixed skins, and the challenge skins. There’s one challenge skin every week, alongside a complimentary player icon and spray. For the first week of the remix, the unlockable Epic skin is Comic Book Tracer, with the matching player icon and spray. For the second week, the unlockable Epic skin is Marammat Symmetra, alongside the matching icon and spray.  For the third and final week, the unlockable Epic skin will be Kyogisha Hanzo, along with the associated player icon and spray. To earn the three rewards of a week, all you need to do is play the game. Each game you play in Arcade, Quick Play and Competitive modes counts towards an unlock, with wins counting as two games played. To unlock the weekly player icon, you’ll need to play nine games that week. To unlock the spray, you’ll need to play 18. And to unlock the weekly Epic skin, you’ll need to play a total of 27 games during the week in question. Each skin can only be unlocked this way during their week, so make sure to keep track of which ones you want to grab, it might be your last chance to do so.

Now onto the other draw of the Anniversary remix, the remix part. There are 6 Legendary remixed skins up for grabs, that can either be purchased outright for 3000 credits each or won through an Anniversary Loot Box, which might be the last time you’ll open one, as Overwatch 2 is switching to a battle pass style of game instead of a loot box style. These 6 remixed skins can be obtained at any time during the event. The remixed skins for Volume 3 are: Tagged Tracer, a remixed version of Graffiti Tracer. Genjiman Genji, a remixed version of Sentai Genji. Proteus: 76, a black and gold remix of Cyborg: 76, the Soldier: 76 skin. Mechatron Pharah, a black and purple remix of Mechaqueen Pharah. Arctic Ops Baptiste, an all-white remix of the Desert Ops Baptiste skin. And last but not least, Varsity D.Va, a remix of the fan-favorite Academy skin for D.Va.

The available challenge skins: Comic Book Tracer, Marammat Symmetra, and Kyogisha Hanzo

The final volume of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix starts August 9th and lasts until August 30th, which will also be the last day to buy or earn Loot Boxes in Overwatch, before the switch is officially made to Overwatch 2. But don’t worry about your cosmetics, all cosmetics transfer to OW2, and all unopened loot boxes will be opened as the transfer is made, so it’s impossible to lose any of your skins, sprays, icons, or voice lines. We’ll see you on the other side Heroes!