Vantage Joins the Apex Legends Roster

Say hello to Vantage, the latest Legend for Respawn’s Apex Legends

Vantage Joins the Apex Legends Roster

It’s once again time to welcome a new legend to the team, and as such, it’s also once again time to preface the introduction by mentioning that once again, the major leak reported on previously has once again bore fruit, as Vantage was first discovered as a part of that leak, and their design seems to be a dead ringer for what is approaching release. Vantage is to be released alongside the next season of the Apex Games, Season 14: Hunted.

Vantage being trained by her mother back on Pagos

Born onto the frozen planet of Pagos, the wild tundra was all Xiomara “Vantage” Contreras and her mother knew for most of Xiomara’s life. Though she was warned to stay away from the outside world by her mother, since when has that ever stopped anyone from doing so? Vantage boarded what her mother told her was a crashed cargo ship, and learned an awful truth that nearly took her life. It wasn’t a cargo ship, it was a prison transport. Her mother, not willing to let her die, launched a distress signal. She saved her daughter at the cost of her own freedom, punished for a crime she never committed. Now Vantage’s only hope to be reunited is the Apex Games.

Vantage may be new to the world, but the one thing she is not new to is surviving. A fierce hunter from a world of icy death, Vantage’s kit makes sure she’s always fighting on her terms. Her Sniper Kit is her passive ability, letting her gain information about her enemies as she targets them down her scope. Apparently, she’ll be able to learn which legend she’s aiming at, what shield they have, how far away they are, and even how large their team is, letting Vantage decide when, where, and who to hunt down.

Her tactical ability is called Echo Launch. Echo, a small alien bat that Vantage befriended, can be ordered to move around a small distance away from Vantage, at which point she can launch herself to Echo using a rocket pack on her back. This gives her an extreme boost to mobility in a pinch, letting her get out of difficult situations without putting themselves at risk. Last but certainly not least, Vantage’s Ultimate is called Marked to Kill, where she takes her custom sniper rifle and marks enemies for the entire team. Upon shooting an enemy, it will be marked for the entire team, giving them the same readout as her sniper kit gives to Vantage. In addition, teammates get a damage boost against marked enemies, and successive sniper shots will do increasing amounts of damage, leading to a very effective Coup de Grace.

The Launch Trailer for Season 14: Hunted

Season 14: Hunted releases on August 9th, at which point Vantage will be made available to play. A strong new addition to the Recon roster, Vantage is sure to delight the more tactical-minded players with her strong ambush abilities. Not to mention how quickly she can make a getaway if the ambush goes south, or heaven forbid, you’re ambushed yourself. See you on the battlefield Legends!