The Traitor’s Moon Rises on Hunt: Showdown

All you need to know about the new Traitor’s Moon Event in Hunt: Showdown, running until April 14th.

The Traitor’s Moon Rises on Hunt: Showdown

The Dark is rising. Down in the Bayou of Louisiana, not even the moon itself can escape the Sculptor’s influence. When the Worm moon has passed, but the Pink moon has not yet risen, the cold rays of moonlight twist and corrupt the hearts of broken folk. Friends will pull arms against friends, families will fall into disarray, and minds will be left to wander in the shattered darkness, never to be seen again. And then of course, are those who would entreat this darkness to stay. Who revel in the chaos of the season and use it to cloud their own dark intentions. Who set up effigies and whisper lies that burn into wildfire. But the call of the hunt is as strong as ever, and the rewards even richer. Can your hunter survive the Traitor’s Moon?

A trio of hunters fighting under the Traitor's moon

The Traitor’s Moon event is in full swing, with a healthy offering of new content for anybody hungry for more Hunt. So how does one participate in the Traitor’s Moon? The name of the game is point accumulation, and while just playing the game will get you points, it won’t be the fastest way to accumulate them. Investigating clues and rifts will get you some points, but there are two categories of activity that’ll earn you even more. There are the hunting activities, and the effigies. All around the map there will be Orwellian Effigies, large and small, dedicated to the Traitor’s Moon, and destroying them will get you a tidy amount of points. Then, if you’re prepared to dive deep into the fray, looting the corpses of hunters and extracting with bounties will earn you the largest point totals. But, if you really want to boost your point totals, then you’ll want to strike a deal with Mr. Chary, whose contract will earn you a boost to points, and to your dark sight range. And for those point maximizers, there’s an event only trait that will further boost your points and sight called Signee. Along with 4 Legendary Hunters who will earn an additional boost to both, namely The Turncoat, Kid, The Rat and Llorona's Heir, you’ll have a point multiplying monster who’ll see their target from miles away.

One of the new Legendary Skins available during the event

So what can you do with all of these points? In addition to temporarily foiling the Sculptors' plans, there are plenty of rewards for those hunters who brave the Traitor’s moon. In addition to a handful of blood bonds, hunters can expect to earn 4 new weapons, the Scottfield Brawler, the Berthier Ripost, the Caldwell model 92 New Army and the Winfield model 93 Slate, guns that won’t be fully released to the game for a while to come. But that’s not all that’s up for grabs, there are also legendary skins and custom ammo for the taking. It’ll take 10,000 points to get it all, and then all the rest will transform into hunt dollars at the end of the event.

So grab your revolvers, pack your first aid kits and load up on some choke bombs. The killing fields of Louisiana are perilous at the best of times, and those best times are few and far between when fighting under a Traitor's moon. We’ll see you in the Bayou hunters.