The Shattered Throne Destiny 2 Guide

A full Dungeon guide to The Shattered Throne in Bungie’s Destiny 2

The Shattered Throne Destiny 2 Guide

Eleusinia, the Throne World of Queen Mara Sov, sanctuary of the Taken War and the location of Destiny 2’s first dungeon, the Shattered Throne. But just because this is the first of many destiny dungeons, don’t think that Bungie didn’t come out swinging. While the devs may have perfected the art of deadly dungeons, they’ve merely been tweaking what they started in the beginning, with the Shattered Throne. Now tell me guardian, are you ready to unseat royalty?

Wish Ender, the exotic bow obtainable from the Shattered Throne

Before your guardian can approach the throne, you and your fire team will need to pass through the Labyrinth, and deal with the many Labyrinth Architects that call it home. After killing your first Labyrinth Architect, a symbol will appear, indicating where the next Labyrinth Keeper will spawn. When all the symbols have appeared, the final Architect will spawn, and upon their death a large vault door will open in the floor, allowing for your team to descend further below.

Your team will descend into a running gauntlet, where they will need to run and gun through enemies, up rafters, through ogre lasers, and other such obstacles until they come upon Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger. Vorgeth is the first boss of the dungeon and one that remains infamous to this day. Vorgeth themselves cannot be damaged, a staple of Destiny bosses. However, 4 Keepers of Petitions will spawn in the 4 cardinal directions, and they most certainly can be damaged.

Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger, hiding behind their shield

Killing a Keeper will reward the entire fireteam with the debuff Petitioner’s Mark. If the time on Petitioner’s Mark ever gets to 0, your team wipes. If you collect 4 stacks of Petitioner’s Mark, it transforms into Petitioner’s Burden. The Burden possesses the same time limit as the Mark, but with it, a member of the fire team can approach one of four pillars of glowing flame and deposit the burden in the fire to activate Vorgeth’s damage phase, and also their most damaging attack, Axiom Bolts. Pour as much damage as you can until Vorgeth’s shield returns, then rinse and repeat until you bring Vorgeth down.

After killing Vorgeth your team will run into the statue of Sjur Eido, the instigating incident for the Wish-Ender bow’s quest. Past the statue is a simple combat encounter as your team makes their way up to the Shattered Throne. The daughter of Savathûn awaits.

Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, the Princess of the Hive. She is the one who has made the shattered throne her own, and it is only her death that will allow your team to leave this dungeon conquered. Dûl Incaru will share the stage with three hive knights and many psions. Killing a hive knight causes many things to happen. A damage buff will drop from the slain knight, and Dûl Incaru will be able to be damaged. In addition, the Eternal Return will spawn a crystal, giving the living knights an immunity shield and bringing in a fresh wave of scions. Breaking the crystal breaks the shield, but also revives any slain knights. Simultaneously killing knights can lead to obtaining up to a 3 stack of the damage buff. Your fire team then has until the crystal spawns to deal as much damage as possible. Rinse and repeat as needed to fell Dûl Incaru and claim your just rewards. Good luck Guardians.