The Next Overwatch 2 Beta is Only Weeks Away

Everything you should know before the Overwatch 2 Beta’s June 28th release

The Next Overwatch 2 Beta is Only Weeks Away

The Second Overwatch 2 Beta is almost upon us. In just about two weeks, the new playtest will commence. Signups for the playtest begin on June 16th, and the playtest itself will start on June 28th. The Beta is the second of three currently known public demos. The first was the closed alpha that occurred in April, and the third is the early access of the Overwatch 2 PvP section, which will be available starting October 4th.

Junker Queen, the new tank for Overwatch 2

The second beta for Overwatch 2 also serves as the debut of the new tank Junker Queen, the Queen of Junkertown. Not much is yet known about Junker Queen’s move set, apart from the appearance of a seemingly magnetic ax, a shotgun, and some kind of dash ability, all of which were displayed in a recent trailer for the early access release. Also coming to the Overwatch 2 beta is a new map. Little information has been confirmed about the new map, but as it is premiering alongside Junker Queen, it could be assumed that the new map may be Junkertown.

Despite the importance of its reveal, a display of Junker Queen in action was not the highlight of the early access trailer mentioned earlier. The most monumental news coming from this trailer is that the Early Access PvP of Overwatch 2 will be completely free to play, unlike the previous installment of the series. This news is also in addition to the announcement that the Early Access will be available to console and PC players alike, unlike the PC only closed alpha from April.

The Early Access release date trailer

While there’s a lot of exciting news around the Overwatch 2 beta and early access, there are still quite a lot of open questions hanging around in the air. Thankfully, alongside the Beta signups, June 16th is the date of a showcase event for Overwatch 2, where several lingering questions should be revealed. Good luck to everyone signing up for the beta, and we’ll see you in the PvP early access Heroes!