Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Information From Gamescom 2019

New Shadowkeep information has been flowing in fast and furious from Gamescom. Fortunately we've gathered everything that's important right here!

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Information From  Gamescom 2019

New Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying details have been flying in fast and furious from Cologne. Xbox stream reveals, Stadia trailer reveals, press kit reveals,  interview reveals - it's a lot to keep track of. Don't worry, the Sqaud has got you covered.


Finishing Moves are 'style kills', a flourish finisher available when enemies are low on health. We saw a Titan Power Punch and Spin Kick, a Hunter Dual Blade Twirl and a Warlock Force Push-style 'deal closer'. While there’s no cooldown between finishers,  you are exposing yourself unnecessarily while performing one. All three classes get one finishing move for free, while additional variations can be purchased from the Eververse store.


Occasionally finishing moves do more than just look cool. Bungie provided an example of an Artifact mod that gifts Heavy ammo to you and your whole team whenever you execute a finishing move. The downside: it costs half your Super bar.



We knew future seasons of Destiny 2 would come with seasonal Artifacts. We knew these Artifacts would bring time-limited armor mods. At Gamescom we finally got to see what some of these mods are.

It looks like the Artifact itself has a 12 point limit to spend on unlocking mods, separate from each mods Energy Point cost. From what we've seen the mods cost 1 to 2 points (possibly more) to unlock.

COLUMN TWO (From The Left)

  • Anti-barrier Rounds - Only usable on Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns. Shield-Piercing rounds designed to bypass combatant defenses. Strong against Barrier Champions.
  • Overload Rounds - Only usable on Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns. Uninterrupted fire grants bullets that cause Disruption, delaying Ability Energy Regeneration and lowering combatant damage output. Strong against Overload Champions. Weapon Mod costs 1 Energy Point.
  • Anti-barrier Hand Cannon - Shield-piercing rounds designed to bypass combatant defenses. Strong against Barrier Champions.

COLUMN FIVE (From The Left)

  • Heavy Finisher - Finisher blows generate Heavy ammo for all Allies. Requires one-half of your Super energy. Class Item mod, costs 7 Energy points
  • Oppressive Darkness - Causing damage with a Void grenade adds a Weaken effect to enemies. Class Item mod, costs 6 Energy points.
  • Arc Battery - Grants Overshield and reduced cooldown during activation for all Arc class abilities. Class Item mod, costs 5 energy points.
  • Thunder Coil - Grants bonus damage for all Arc melee abilities and refunds Super energy upon Finisher final blows. Class Item mod, costs 6 energy points.

This is what the an Artifact mod looks like in your armor customization sceen. Note that there is a fourth mod slot on this piece of armor, with a Vex icon on it. That suggests to me that this slot is reserved for mods  you'll will earn in the upcoming Season of the Undying/Black Garden raid.



Of course, a selection of new weapons and armor was on display at Gamescom.

  • Assassin’s Cowl Exotic Hunter helmet - Vanishing Execution: Defeating a Guardian with a melee attack or a combatant with a Finisher grants invisibility and restores a portion of health and shields.
  • Phoenix Cradle Exotic Titan legs - Beacons of Empowerment: Your Sun Warrior benefit lasts twice as long once you create a Sunspot. Allies who pass through your Sunspot also gain the benefit of Sun Warrior.
  • Loud Lullaby Legendary Hand Cannon - A Hand Cannon with the perk Fourth Time’s the Charm: Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine. Wait, that's it? The 4th precision hit doesn't put two rounds back in the chamber or anything? Huh. Well that's a missed opportunity.
  • Monte Carlo Exotic Assualt Rifle - Returning from Destiny 1, this weapon can be seen in the inventory of a Guardian during the livestream. It had a Vex symbol on it, so maybe it's part of the Season of the Undying?
  • In the Stadia trailer we saw a powerful-looking Trace Rifle and a new Exotic Heavy Bow.
  • The Press Kit showed us an image of Hand Cannon with a Scope Sight.


As more of the Moon map is unveiled during Bungie's gameplay streams, we start to piece together more of a complete picture of what the entire map might look like. Well, that's exactly what Reddit User ItsDaniey1 has done. Pieced together a complete map. It's not official, and it may not be everything, but for now it's the best guesstimate we've got. Remember Bungie have stated Shadowkeep's moon will be twice the size of Destiny 1's moon.



  • Nightmare Hunts are activities for one to three players.
  • Nightmare Hunt has three different Power Level settings: 860, 920 and 950. So 950 is at least the minimum Power Level cap for Shadowkeep.
  • In addition to the Power Level requirements, as you turn up the difficulty from Adept to Hero to Legend, additional mission modifiers are added. Hopefully these  difficulty parameters are applied game-wide, and will be made for available other activities, like Strikes (we saw a new Strike called the Scarlet Keep).
  • We aren't exactly sure what the Hunts consist of, but the weekly Complete 3 for Power Gear reward attachment makes me think they're akin to Strikes or Nightfall. We'll know more soon.
  • There were two different Nightmare Hunts on the map. The one named Servitude specified Zydron, Gate Lord, as the target. I assume this is where we'll acquire our Gate Lord's Eye Artifact?
  • Interestingly, the Nightmare Hunt icon looks similar to some of the Armor 2.0 mod icons.

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