Season of the Worthy Ending Soon. Two Things To Do Now. Be Prepared for Anything

Everyone has come to the conclusion that yes, this was a pretty bad season of Destiny 2 overall.

Season of the Worthy Ending Soon. Two Things To Do Now. Be Prepared for Anything

Everyone has come to the conclusion that yes, this was a pretty bad season of Destiny 2 overall. Season of the Worthy would probably come in last place if I was ranking all the non-DLC seasonal content from the game over the past two years, both in terms of a relative lack of content and many missteps involving both PvP and PvE.

The season is almost over, however, and the new Season of [REDACTED] launches in two weeks. My advice is to squeeze two things out of Worthy before they go away, if you haven’t done them yet.

This is advice for people who are way, way behind the season, if they’ve done any of it at all. While I think that yes, it is valuable to farm certain Seraph weapons, it’s probably too late to do that with any efficiency if you haven’t upgraded your bunkers. The Seraph weapons will appear as drops in future content, so they aren’t gone forever, and Banshee is probably going to be giving away Warmind Cells mods next season, so I don’t think the urgency is there for those.

However, there are two weapons, two shotguns, that you should get before they do disappear completely, and we don’t know when they’re returning. Bungie is changing its philosophy on disappearing quests, but that isn’t happening until year 4, so we truly don’t know when these weapons are coming back, and for one of them, the quest alone is worth experiencing before it vanishes.

Destiny 2 BUNGIE


This wasn’t a “secret” quest per se, but it’s one that rewards an exotic that could prove useful in PvE content in particular if at some point, deleting enemies with a fast-firing shotgun becomes meta. So you might as well get it, as this is a pretty easy quest.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Find Zavala’s office. You have to jump down to the scaffolding on the left side of the Tower and after some doors and tunnels you will make your way there to find the gun missing from the Tower armory.

Step 2: Talk to Zavala, then Ana, then do public events and kill Cabal on Mars. I highly recommend you do Escalation Protocol for this. I think it takes like 1.5 runs of the whole thing to complete this step. Doing the Cabal Lost Sector will take forever.

Step 3: Talk to Ana, kill Psions and loot Cabal chests. Use a treasure hunter ghost, they are everywhere.

Step 4: Talk to Benedict in the Tower, go to the EDZ and do a bunch of public events and patrols and kill enemies.

Step 5: Do The Quarry Legendary Lost Sector. Legendary Lost Sectors rotate daily, and there are three in total. This one is in the EDZ bunker, so check back there until it’s live. Get your gun.

Step 6: The catalyst for this gun, which is extremely useful with an extra round and faster reload, drops from either Legendary Lost Sector chests or Seraph Tower chests. This took me a long time to farm, and you may not have the time or ability to do so, but it’s worth a shot as it takes the gun to the next level, and I have no idea where this catalyst will drop after this season, if anywhere.

Now we arrive at the second shotgun, a legendary one from Destiny 1 that will be PvP meta for a long time to come, so you’ll want this in your arsenal. Also, the end of this quest is spectacular and it’s a crime that Bungie designed it to be deleted like three weeks after it went live.

Destiny 2 BUNGIE


Step 1: Lucky you, you now get to skip step 1 which was a community event where everyone had to complete 9 million Seraph Towers that was so impossible Bungie had to nerf it.

Step 2: Talk to Ana, go to Vostok. You are going to the Crucible map (from a quest icon in the EDZ director) where you will scan some things and Ana will give you lore about Felwinter and Rasputin.

Step 3: 1,000 shotgun kills. Yes, this is annoying. It is not that hard. It’s maybe 30-45 minutes of dedicated farming, a few hours if you’re playing casually. PvP is 100 shotgun kills total. PvE, you want to do a triple shotgun build with a lot of ammo finders (and last season’s shotgun arc mods if you have them), and farm either somewhere like Castellum (that’s what I did), the Whisper Thrall room or Shuro Chi. Or just do a bunch of Lost Sectors. I recommend the moon ones.

Step 4: Go to the moon bunker. I won’t ruin the end of this quest, but this is where Bungie does some masterful storytelling and lore work as we learn the secret of Felwinter and Rasputin’s relationship as well as clarity being shed on the events of Rise of Iron.

Step 5: You will now get random lore pages from kills with Felwinter’s Lie. It should probably take between 150-250 kills total to get them all. This lore book goes into more detail about Felwinter’s story and is worth a read.

So, there you have it. It is very stupid that these quests are disappearing. It is possible that yes, Fourth Horseman could get dropped in the general loot pool or Felwinter’s Lie shows up as another Iron Banner pinnacle quest later, but it’s more fun to do the actual quests that were designed for them. These are easily done in two weeks, but if you have to pick only one because of a time crunch, do Felwinter’s.

Credit/Source: Forbes by Paul Tassi