Revenant is Reborn in Apex Legends

Everything you need to know about Apex Legend’s 18th season, Resurrection

Revenant is Reborn in Apex Legends

The changing of the seasons has come once again but with a bit of a twist on the old formula. Where normally I would be telling you all about the new legend the new season brought with it, then sprinkle in a bit about the patch notes and other seasonal changes, this time around I’ll be telling you all about the revamped legend the new season brought with it. Don’t worry, everything else is a par-for-the-course change. So yes, Respawn seems to have realized that a new legend every three months will lead to some severe roster bloat, and have given themselves an out in the form of legend revamps. Time will only tell how this gambit pays off, but if this first Revenant revamp is anything to go by, it looks like it will pay off in spades.

Resurrection's Launch Trailer

Respawn wasn’t simply content to remake Revenant’s abilities and leave it at that though, it had to be an in-world event as well as an IRL one. As shown in the season’s launch trailer, someone is changing Revenant in ways he doesn’t understand, and can’t control. Either Duardo, Hammond, or a third player has control of Revenant’s biological head, and seems to be using it to alter and assert control over every variation of Revenant there is, and with the other legends on the hunt for the head, they’ve all been put on a collision course with the murder bot who is struggling to keep what little control he still has. Nobody can be sure how it will end, but one thing can be said for certain, it’s not going to end well.

Season 18's Gameplay Trailer

With these alterations or upgrades to Revenant’s code and chassis comes his new kit, tweaked to be ready for the game Apex has become, instead of the game it was on release. The entire kit has been confirmed by developers, so all information is completely accurate.
-His Passive is Assassin’s Instinct. This instinct allows Revanant to see which enemies around them are low on health. It also gives them increased move speed while crouching, and improved skill at wall climbing

-His Tactical is Shadow Pounce. This tactical allows for quick and silent traversal, and can be charged up to extend the range.

-His Ultimate is Forged Shadows. This shrouds Revenant in protective shadows, blocking non-AOE damage. The gameplay trailer also shows this ability blocking line of sight. Forged Shadows and Revenants Shadow Pounce are refreshed via knockdowns while the ultimate is active.

Apex's latest Battle Pass Trailer

All and all, this is looking like a good season to be a Revenant main, with huge boosts to mobility and survivability across the board. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Season 18, Resurrection, has launched today, August 8th. So grab your friends and be the murder bot you were always meant to be. Outside of the Revenant changes, season 18 brings with it Broken Moon maps for Mixtape, a Charge Rifle rework, and a brand new Battle Pass and Collection Event. Resurrection will last for approximately 3 months, giving everyone plenty of chances to assassinate each other. Happy hunting Legends!