New World Tips, Tricks, and Getting Started

Learn tips and tricks to get started in Amazon's new MMO New World, where players travel to the supernatural island of Aeternum.

New World Tips, Tricks, and Getting Started

For those starting their journey to Aeternum in New World, the open world supernatural island players are tasked with colonizing, the various facets of the game can feel intimidating at first. Learn more about different weapons, crafting, and more to pave the road to conquest.

One of the first things many players get geared up for in an MMO is their weapons and armor. Customizing your play style (and literal style) is one of the things New World does well, offering an action combat system that differs from other MMOs. Without relying on abilities with cooldowns and auto attacks, players will rely on skill to defeat opponents. With weapons ranging from rapiers to greathammers and bows to rifles, there are countless ways to outfit your colonist. Weapons level independently of your character, so you can grind your favorite weapon skill trees to their max level or try out a few different weapons to find the perfect one.

New World offers a variety of weapons

Players can take customization a step further with New World's crafting system. By gathering materials such as iron and lumber from nodes scattered around the world, players can craft their own weapons and armor. New World's economy is entirely player driven, so not only can you create all of your own gear, you can start a fairly lucrative business model by crafting and selling gear.

Crafting and buying resources does require a small tax, but you can reduce the cost by taking advantage of New World's PvP content. Each town is ruled by a guild, with those guilds (or 'companies' as New World calls them) being run by one of New World's Factions. Players can stage revolutions and face off against each other in a couple of activities, including War Mode and Outpost Rush.

Gear up with allies to capture territory

War Mode features two factions and 100 players, where you'll need to attack your opponent's fort or defend your own. In Outpost Rush, two teams of 20 fight against the opposing faction to gain control of an outpost, while also fending off the Undead AI. Whichever guild controls a town sets the tax rates for things like property, crafting, refining, and trade in the region, so leveling up your faction and gaining territory can grant a number of benefits.