New Event Begins Now in Apex Legends

The Thrillseekers event is now live in Apex Legends until August 3rd.

New Event Begins Now in Apex Legends

This week, players of Respawn's battle-royale Apex Legends were treated to a new event. Titled Thrillseekers, this new event is live until August 3rd, and brings a variety of changes and new content to the game.

To start us off, Thrillseekers brings a new Arena map, Overflow. Overflow's map is an industrial facility not unlike that of the Hammond Robotics in World's Edge. Unlike other Arena maps that allow long sight lines and vantage points, Overflow is a much more compact map, meaning players will need to duck and weave through passages while being careful of flankers.

The new event map Overflow

The map itself is divided into 2 areas, Overlook and Slope. Of the two, Overlook offers more long, open passages, as well as a height advantage. As for Slope, there's a sniper post that will surely lead to some hard fought battles for the high ground, but will also offer a secluded area for players to slide down into.

Thrillseekers Reward track

In addition to the new map, Thrillseekers brings 3 new weekly reward tracks. These tracks will bring a variety of rewards, including charms, weapon skins, Apex packs, and exclusive skins for some Legends.

Finally, Respawn has brought back some fan favorite cosmetics for their Summer Splash Sale, and some new event-themed cosmetics that will be available until the end of the event. Struggling to obtain certain rewards? Call in the CarrySquad for some Apex Legends boosting!

Thrillseekers Event Store contains new event themed cosmetics