Looking towards Halo Infinite Season 2

What’s coming to Halo Infinite in Season 2: Lone Wolves?

Looking towards Halo Infinite Season 2

Season 1 of Halo Infinite is finally coming to a close as the game crosses one of the biggest milestones of a live service game, the start of a new season. There has definitely been an adjustment period as 343 undergoes the transition from developing the more traditional gameplay experience to working on a live service model for a game they aspire to be, well, Infinite. But, with a recent roadmap release, along with Season 2’s launch being only days away, things are looking much brighter for Halo, as the 6 month season of Lone Wolves promises to have some exciting things in store

The current road map for Halo Infinite

With the changing of the seasons, we’ll finally be able to see the full functionality of Halo’s battle pass system. Unlike the usual system used by live service models, Halo’s battle pass has no expiration date, which means you can fully finish the pass at any time you feel like, no matter what season you find yourself in. Combined with the ability to earn in-game currency in matches and the games ditching the Armor Core system for a more customizable experience, and Spartans should find a ton of enjoyment out of decking out their armor without the fear of missing anything if they don’t grind.

Concept art for Catalyst, a new arena map

The season will kick off with a 2 week Narrative event called ‘Interference’. The next known narrative event will be happening in July, and the Fracture event ‘Entrenched’ happens at the end of May. The season also comes with 2 new maps, one Big Team Battle map called Breaker and an Arena map called Catalyst. There will also be a handful of new playlists, including Ninja Slayer and Vampireball.

Three new game modes will be arriving as well: Land Grab, King of the Hill, and Last Spartan Standing. Land Grab is a twist on area control where there are 3 points to try and capture; but once all the points have been captured, more points spawn in until one team has captured 11 of them. King of the Hill is a fan favorite in Halo titles, and in Infinite the mode has been given a bit of a tweak. Instead of the hill moving on a timer, the capturing team needs to fill up a control meter in order to actually take the hill, allowing for enemies to push them off the point in the meantime. And finally, there is Last Spartan Standing, a distinctly Halo take on the Battle Royale. 12 Spartans spawn in a Big Team Battle map, each with 5 respawns available, and with every respawn, your Spartan can upgrade their loadout to become a bigger threat. Last Spartan Standing wins.

Show your battle prowess as the Last Spartan Standing

With everything that’s coming with Season 2, those wolves aren’t going to be alone for long. After a bit of a content drought, this upcoming flood is sure to give players an experience to remember. We’ll see you in the Zeta Halo Spartans, and I call first on Vampireball!