Take a Trip to the Bayou as a Bounty Hunter in Hunt: Showdown

A quick start guide to Hunt: Showdown, Crytek’s PvPvE Supernatural Bounty Hunt Battle Royale

Take a Trip to the Bayou as a Bounty Hunter in Hunt: Showdown

There is something evil lurking in the Bayou. Call it plague, call it deliverance, but no matter what name you call it by it needs to be dealt with. Bounty hunters dive deep into that cursed land for gold and glory. The only requirements are a knife or a gun and being foolhardy enough to take it into the fray. But you’ll most certainly die alone if you’re not prepared. After all, not everybody can head into the Bayou with a target on their back and make it out alive. So sit a spell and maybe you’ll learn something that’ll let you live to die another day.

Scrapbeak, one of the bounty targets of Hunt: Showdown

Getting used to the gameplay loop has a few curveballs that, with the right knowledge, can be used to your advantage. Hunt is a game with a lot going on, so it can take some getting used to the flow. Not just the flow of hunts, but the flow of the game itself. Unlike other battle royale games Hunt typically gets compared to, your goal is not to be the last team of Hunters left alive, but to leave the Bayou with as much as you can, and your hunter relatively intact. So as long as you aren’t running out the clock on the contract, it’s up to you if you pack up with what you’ve got, or risk it all for more money and experience. And you are risking it all if your hunter dies; they and their equipment are lost for good, and you’ll need to recruit a new one for your roster. Here’s an important tip, you get a free Hunter every time you die, so if you’re hurting for hunt dollars, you won’t have to spend a cent.

Be fast when you can, and quiet when you need to. Sound is everything in Hunt, you make noise when you walk, heal, switch weapons or anything else you can think of, and so does everyone else. Crytek spent a lot of time on the sound design and it shows. You can hear a gun from a thousand meters away and have a general idea of where it was fired, and even what type of gun it is. But while crouching down and moving slow might muffle your noises enough to not alert the Zombies or Immolators, you make yourself a sitting target if you’re out in the open, and moving slowly won’t get you to the sight of an exorcism before it finishes. So you want to move as fast as you can without giving away your position.

A team of bounty hunters

Know who has your back. Most games of Hunt you won’t be playing solo, but as a duo or trio. If you can work in concert with your teammates, then you stand a much better chance of taking home the bounty. After all, two (or three) heads are better than one when they’re working with each other. Alternatively, if you aren’t all working together, things will go very south very quickly, as your ideas of what to do next conflict with each other and draw attention to your location. So knowing your teammates and being able to effectively communicate with each other is key. After all, you hunt together, you die alone.