The Heart of Madness update for New World is almost here

The latest update for New World, Heart of Madness, is coming to the game March 29th

The Heart of Madness update for New World is almost here

Corruption lies in the mountains of Aeternum. Isabella, a powerful corrupted foe, has retreated deep into the Shattered mountain, burrowing into the twisted reality of the corrupted and the city of Myrkgard. Can you survive unraveling the secrets of her past and gaze upon the Heart of Madness? And what else can you expect to find with this latest update to New World?

A group of Explorers approaching Myrkgard.

With the Heart of Madness update comes the finale to the main story quest line. Located at the foot of the Shattered Mountains, The Heart of the Tempest is the lead up to the final showdown with Isabella, undertaken in the Expedition Tempest’s Heart. This quest isn’t going to be a pushover either, with a recommended party of 5 players at level 60, and an average gear score of 560, you’ll want a team that’ll have your back to take on Isabella and vanquish the Tempest once and for all.

The much awaited Blunderbuss has arrived. The Blunderbuss is a weapon with a lot of variety and with a wide audience. With the gun scaling off of strength and intelligence, everyone from Marauders to Syndicate members could get some use out of the weapon, and with it’s contrasting skill trees of containment and chaos letting players choose between controlling movement, staying close and focus firing with containment, or going full out damage and staying back to unleash massive AOE attacks with chaos, the usefulness of this weapon isn’t bound by playstyle. The update also includes the max skill level quest for the blunderbuss, which can be found at Ebonscale Reach

A schematic of the new Blunderbuss

The Heart of Madness update also brings several smaller improvements to life in Aeternum. Storage chests of all tiers have had their storage bonus double, Expeditions only need one person at the entrance in order to queue the party, the main quest line is now more solo friendly, and of course, a bevy of bug fixes. But the update also brings in new rewards for exploration, such as new random events, new NPCs that wander specific parts of the map, and even a way to obtain paintings of landscapes from across Aeternum and hang them up in your house.

The Heart of Madness update for New World is available March 29th, starting at 2 pm UTC.