Drive back the Lucent Hive in the new PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist

Legend PsiOps Battlegrounds is live now in Destiny 2. Take on this seasonal activity to stop the Witch Queen!

Drive back the Lucent Hive in the new PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist

Savathun has stolen the light. Their Lucent Hive never rests, rarely dies, and knows no mercy. With so great a threat, a deal had to be struck between the Guardians and the Cabal. Together, they would strike at Savathun’s network of Lieutenants, enter the Mindscape, and sever their connection to the light. The Guardians were given the use of Cabal Psions, whose power allows them to enter the Mindscape. In return, the Guardians promised the defeated Lieutenants to Empress Caiatl, for their own experiments. But decoding the Cabal’s intentions must be saved for a less pressing time, are you prepared to delve into the minds of Savathun’s most loyal Lightbearers?

Destroy the Aspects of Savathun in this 3 player activity

First, you'll need to discover how to unlock PsiOps. Not just any guardian can waltz on in and fight shoulder to shoulder with Cabal Psions, to make sure you have PsiOps Battlegrounds unlocked, go to the EDZ and scour the map for the PsiOps icon. However, before you’ll be able to partake, your guardian will need to be powerful enough, and will need to have experience fighting the Lucent Hive. Once your guardian has gotten enough practice against the Witch Queen’s Army, that’s when the real fun can begin.

Finding the Lieutenant is your first task. Savathun knows how important her Lightbearers are, so reaching your target won’t be a walk in the park. Thralls, Shriekers, Unstoppable Hive Champions, all more than ready to throw themselves in the path of fire to keep you away from your goal. Of course, even the strongest defensive position can be broken, and once your team breaks through, the hunt is on.

Charge into the battle with your fireteam

Now it's time to chase down your target. Once your fire team has broken their initial position, the hunt begins. You and your team will need to follow the trail of portals the Lieutenant has left behind, each one bringing you a step closer, and a step further into danger. The Lucent Hive isn’t foolish enough to leave these portals unguarded after all, and a shielded Lightbearer guards the entrance to each one, and only weapons of the hive will be able to bring them down. But with each one that falls, your team is a step closer to the final confrontation.

Finally, enter their mind. When your target is finally cornered, it’s time for the real mission to begin. Once they’ve been sufficiently weakened, the Cabal’s Psions will tear open a way to their mindscape. Once inside, your guardian will need to kill the tendrils of Savathun’s influence and break the Lightbearer’s loyalty to them. With a lot of firepower, and the use of Synaptic Spears, Savathun’s influence will be forced out, and your target will be ready for extraction.

Will your team claim victory?

It’s high risk, high reward work in PsiOps. You’ll need to face down all the Lucent Hive has to offer time and time again, but the Cabal is more than generous with their rewards for completing missions, with Legendary drops and seasonal weapons and armor raining down after successful missions. When the stakes are so high, you’ll want the best backup you can get. Good luck out there guardian.