Destiny 2’s Guardian Games are in Full Swing

Everything there is to know about the Guardian Games in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games are in Full Swing

The third annual competition between the classes is on! This years Guardian games in Destiny 2 kicked off last week, and the competition has been an intense battle for gear, weapons, medals, and most important of all, bragging rights. But how can your Guardian help drive your class to victory? Bungie’s Devs have made some changes from the previous years Games, and there might be changes in the future due to some exploits players have found.

Which class will you lead to victory?

Strike scoring is the new king of the Guardian Games. With the implementation of this new scoring system, the way you win games will be just as important as how. By making better use of your abilities, guns, and tactics to skyrocket through score thresholds and earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum medallions, you can then turn these medallions in to boost your class’s score in the Games. Several modes are coopted into the games, with a daily focus playlist to get your guardian to the highest scoring activities no matter what day you compete.

Unfortunately, some tactics the designers never think of turn out to be the most effective, even if they’re not particularly fun. Such is the case with an early cheesing strategy to ratchet up the points earned. Multi-reviving is a high scoring activity, and with the right combination of gear and weapons, your team can kill themselves very easily, letting you revive them and get the points. Have an entire fireteam setup to do just that, and you get a very quick, and definitely unintended, route to platinum.

Whose banner will fly the highest?

Now that the developers are aware of this exploit, it’s going to bring some changes to the scoring system. It has even been speculated that Bungie might need to adjust the current point totals due to an overuse of the exploit. At the very least, it can be expected to be patched sometime in the near future, which should hopefully see the scores rebalanced, so we can see once and for all that Warlocks are the one true superior class.

Or I guess the Titans or Hunters could win too.

The Guardian games will go on until May 24th, just in time for the current season to come to an end. With this being the last big event, everything is on the line, and you’ll want a trusted fireteam at your back as you lead your class to the top step of the podium.