Channel the Sun with Illari, Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero

Everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, Illari

Channel the Sun with Illari, Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero

The Invasion has begun, and the world will need all the help it can get. With the start of a new season comes a new hero, and Illari is here to answer the call. A support hero with an extremely aggressive kit, Illari is sure to be a hit with battle Mercy mains while also providing a stepping stone to players who are curious about trying out a support role.

Illari's Lore Introduction to Overwatch

Illari hails from a remote city in Peru that was a paradise of solar energy. They were so close to the sun, that some of them were even able to channel its power through themselves. These Inti Warriors, or Children of the Sun, were healers as well as their civilization’s first line of defense. Illari was training to be one of these warriors, but on the day of her initiation, something happened, and Illari channeled too much of the sun, causing the Inti Warriors’ building to collapse, killing every Child of the Sun apart from her. Now Illari feels she must redeem her mistakes as the last Inti Warrior.

Illari's Gameplay Trailer

But a backstory is only that; what is really exciting people is Illari’s battle-ready kit.
Her primary weapon is a Solar Rifle. It charges up its shot for increased damage and comes with a healing beam as a secondary fire mode.
Her Healing Pylon is perhaps her best healing ability, as it provides healing as an area of effect for all allies in close proximity.
Illari also has a traversal ability called Outburst, which launches her in the direction she’s running, as well as knocking back any enemies near her.
Finally, her Ultimate ability, Captive Sun, sends Illari up into the sky, where she fires down a miniature sun. Any enemies caught in the blast are slowed. If they take enough damage in this state, they’ll explode and cause serious damage to anyone around them.

Overwatch 2: Season 6's launch trailer

This aggressive kit is certainly a novel approach for a new Overwatch 2 support hero, and one that seems to be already paying off. The community has shown quite an interest in Illari so far, and with so many Invasion events yet to come, the last Child of the Sun will have plenty of time to prove herself even more. Illari is playable right now with the purchase of a premium battle pass, or at level 45 of the standard battle pass. The season and its battle pass will end on October 10th, giving everyone plenty of time to learn this easy-to-learn, hard-to-master kit. Good luck against Null Sector heroes!