Can Destiny 2's Season 17 Live Up to Expectations?

What to expect from Season 17 of Destiny 2, releasing May 25th

Can Destiny 2's Season 17 Live Up to Expectations?

The Season of the Risen is slowly but surely coming to an end. Lasting until May 24th, season 16 has been very well received, but now it’s time to look to the future, with the as of yet unnamed Season 17. The season will have some very large shoes to fill, not only being the follow-up for Season of the Risen, but also for continuing the story of the critically acclaimed Witch Queen expansion.  Although most of the season has remained shrouded in mystery so far, there are some things Bungie has confirmed are coming to the season, alongside some things that the developers have hinted at. So what can we expect from Season 17?

The Iron Banner is being majorly reworked for the upcoming season

Let’s start out with the basics. We know that Iron Banner will be undergoing a major rework, with a notice from the team that all Iron Banner Tokens and bounties will be lost if not redeemed before Season 17. So make sure to turn them all in to Lord Saladin before it's too late.

A new dungeon will also be making its way onto Guardian’s maps, although information on the dungeon is few and far between. And of course, there is the next 3.0 subclass coming in Season 17, currently hypothesized to be Solar 3.0. Apart from that, one thing we definitely know about the upcoming season is that the Destiny team is incredibly excited for it. Although none have let slip any major spoilers, several members of the team have hinted at what's to come. VFX Artist Ben Platnic has said that the upcoming season is “Some of (the team’s) best work” and Senior Narrative Designer Dr. Hazel Monforton stated “(The whole team) absolutely killed it. It’s fantastic. Y’all are gonna love it.”

Now, while not much can be gleaned from the team's words apart from their obvious excitement and pride, it is of interest to note that the two people mentioned worked in VFX and Narrative design, which may point towards what type of experiences the season is focusing on.

And finally, one of the biggest things announced is the new rotator system coming in Season 17. The system is made out of two parts: a seasonal rotation and a weekly rotation. The seasonal rotation will have all that Guardians have come to expect, like the most up to date dungeons and raids, which will award Pinnacle gear for completion. But the weekly rotator is where it gets special, having the possibility to include any raid or dungeon not included in the seasonal rotation, all of which will not have Legendary Item lockouts, allowing for farming of valuable gear. This marks a shift in direction for Destiny, as Bungie has typically not been shy about vaulting away old content for the game to combat bloat. But perhaps the rotator is a sign of things to come, and that there might be more in Destiny’s past that could shape things to come.

With no loot lockouts, the weekly rotation will be your stop for legendary gear

With everything on the horizon for Season 17, it looks like Destiny isn’t content with sitting on its laurels with the Witch Queen expansion, and the best might be yet to come. You’ll want a good weapon at your side, and a crack fireteam at your back. Good luck out there Guardian.