Shadowkeep Update: The Road to Year 3, Migrate your PC Account to Steam, Cross Saves and Armor 2.0

With this week's update Bungie has focused on what details they're going to be sharing with players for the rest of August.

Shadowkeep Update: The Road to Year 3, Migrate your PC Account to Steam, Cross Saves and Armor 2.0
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Bungie just laid the groundwork for their new, post-delay roadmap to Shadowkeep and Year 3. With this update Bungie mapped out what details they're going to be sharing with the community for the rest of August.

The good news is there's some substantial reveals to look forward to this month, including a livestream explanation of Armor 2.0, new Shadowkeep details, a look at how they're altering Seasons for Year 3 and a Shadowkeep PvP reveal.

The bad news is none of this changes the fact that Shadowkeep is still delayed to October 1st. At least this delay is proof positive that the fate of Destiny 2 is now officially in Bungie's hands. I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt.


  1. 'Director's Cut' with Luke Smith -  August 12th or 13th
  2. Armor Customization Preview livestream - August 14th, 10am PST
  3. More Shadowkeep details at gamescom - Gamescom is August 20th to 24th
  4. Cross Save launch - Currently planned for August 21nd
  5. How Seasons will change in D2Y3
  6. PVP reveal for Shadowkeep
  7. An invitation to the Crucible at PAX - PAX is August 30th to September 2nd

This list takes us into September. Bungie notes, "The rest will be packed into the last mile, during September. Those are the big-ticket items that we plan to cover in depth."


Most PC players already know Destiny 2 is leaving and moving to its new home, Steam. Though the game won't be available to play on Steam till October 1st, players can begin the process of linking their PC player accounts on August 20th. Unless you conscientiously object to Valve or Steam for some reason, I don't see how this is anything but a good thing. It will expose the game to a much larger audience.


The Cross Save feature will allow you to transfer your Guardians, guns, gear and loot from one platform to another platform. Switch between PS4, Xbox One, Steam or Stadia. There is, however, some fine print.

  1. Each platform has to have a full install of Destiny 2, which shouldn't be a problem when F2P 'New Light' drops on October 1st.
  2. If you already have multiple, platform-specific accounts (e.g. you play Destiny 2 on PS4 and PC) you will have to pick *one* account as your Active Account. When you transfer Guardians from your Active Account to other platforms, it will override that platform's native account. Don't worry - you can always get that account back.
  3. Your Active Account can only be a member of one Clan at a time.
  4. You cannot transfer any content that you bought in a PC or console store.  So no silver, no game expansions, etc. That content stays on the platform you bought it on. You can only transfer content you earned in-game.
  5. You can disable Cross Save whenever you like, but be careful - there is a 90 day waiting period before you can re-enable it.

To me, particularly with these limitations, this doesn't seem like a feature that sees that much use. I suppose if you have friends who've always played on a different platform, its a welcome bonus. I could also see how account transfers from console to PC and vice versa would be popular. But you'd have to re-buy everything from Forsaken to Shadowkeep! But in my opinion the platform that really benefits from this is Google's Stadia. What better way to entice Destiny 2 veterans to give a streaming platform a try than to let them switch to and from it, for free, at will. After all there should be hundreds of thousands of new players in October - fresh meat for the PvP grinder!

The launch of Cross Save is currently planned for August 21.


We still don't know exactly how Armor 2.0 is going to work. We'll find during the livestream next week (Wednesday, August 14th, 10AM PST). But for now Bungie has left us with a big tease: sheets of Mod icons ... with no descriptions.

If I were to speculate, given that Bungie has made it clear their intention is to let players stick with armor they like, not just be stuck with armor they need, I'd wager they're going to do something along the lines of converting Perks to Mods. So if you dismantle a piece of armor, what used to be Perks - that are now Mods, just get added to your inventory. You can now fuse them to whatever armor you like.

All the icons they teased are just below, so you check them out and theorize away, or head on over to Bungie's original post.

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(Image credit: Bungie)
(Image credit Bungie)
(Image credit: Bungie)
(Image credit: Bungie)