Apex Legends Emergence Teases New Season and a New Legend

The trailer for Apex Legends' new season, Emergence, has arrived. With it come details of a new Legend and more.

Apex Legends Emergence Teases New Season and a New Legend

The trailer for Apex Legends next season has arrived, and with it, the promise of a new playable character. Seer is the first tracker to have been introduced since the game's launch, and his kit brings some new challenges for other Legends.

The new trailer for Apex Emergence

The theme of the new season seems to be "Change", and while we can only speculate on what it may contain, one of the major changes is the new Legend Seer. A tracker with a swarm of tracking drones at their disposal, Seer's tactical ability lets him send out the drones embedded in his chest plate and track down enemies.

Even more impressive than the Tactical is Seer's passive. While details are still sparse, Seer seems to be able to track an enemy's heartbeat by aiming down the sight. It will be interesting to see this in action, as the potential for lighting up your enemies and detecting motion behind cover could be invaluable.

The last tool in Seer's kit is his ultimate, and it's sure to bring some devastating defeats to his enemies. When activated, hundred of microdrones emerge to form a giant dome. Anyone entering the dome will be immediately detected by Seer, unless moving slowly and carefully. As seen in the trailer, you can combine this ability with other Legends like Valkyrie for some game-winning combos.

The new Rampage LMG

In addition to the new character, it has also been confirmed that a new weapon will be coming to Apex with the new season. The Rampage LMG promises to bring a surprising source of power, and with what we know about similar weapons, it'll likely be an energy weapon.

While we won't know more until the gameplay reveal on July 26, you can take advantage of the end of the season to boost your Apex Legends rank with the CarrySquad!