Witherhoard Catalyst

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Witherhoard Catalyst
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50 Vault Keys
+$19 $19
300 Filthy Lucre
+$499 $499
200 Grenade Launcher Multikills
+$49 $49
100 Guardian Eliminations
+$149 $149
Catalyst Masterwork
+$19 $19
Priority ⚡️


Witherhoard is a brand new Season of Arrivals Exotic Grenade Launcher with an AOE blight effect. When upgraded to a Masterwork this weapon receives additional perk Silent Arm, which increases handling, and reloads the gun when it's holstered.

Note: On Rank 11 and Rank 22 of Season Pass the Quest progresses faster, so make sure to select corresponding options or login, and we'll track your progress automatically.

You'll get:

  1. Witherhoard Catalyst
  2. Rare and Legendary Nightfall, Crucible and Gambit drops
  3. Fully Masterworked Catalyst (additional option)
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Great service once again
Always the best! Thank you Kars!
Kars is the best, always go to him when I need something done
I had Rose as my booster! they were extremely quick and very professional! I would highly recommend rose for anyone!
Bomb thank you finishing this order so Prompty
Awesome service as always and super fast!!
fast af
Quick and awesome, would recommend.
Johnny Tsu****
Fast, reliable, great communication, 10/10.

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  • Witherhoard Grenade Launcher
  • Shadowkeep DLC

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