Trials Access Unlock Quest

ETA 1 day
1210+ Power Level
Entry Pending quest
28 completed
from $19
4 reviews
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Valor rank "Legend"
$167 $167
50 Opponents defeated
$19 $19
Priority ⚑️
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  1. Entry Pending Quest completed
  2. 50 opponents defeated in Elimination
  3. 2000 Valor Legend Rank
  4. Crucible Gear and Weapons that might drop during the service
  5. Crucible Tokens for extra rewards and reputation


How to unlock the Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2?

Most Quests in Destiny 2 may be confusing for usual gamers. As for the Entry Pending quest, it is very straightforward, but at the same time, it's quite difficult to complete as it requires good skills in the Crucible PvP mode.

To complete the Entry Pending quest and unlock the Trials of Osiris, you'll have to be at least 1010+ Power Level, beat 50 opponents in Elimination game mode, and reach Valor Legend which is 2000 points worth. Our professional Guardians will help you to unlock Trials of Osiris and save your time and nerves so you can enjoy this new game mode and it's Pinnacle Gear and Rewards.

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Professional and super fast, awesome service as usual
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Awesome and fast work!
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Very patient, and kept me informed of Info from Bungie during delays on their part. Always has been accommodating.
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Excellent and timely completion.

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