Magnificent Solstice Armor Upgrade

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Magnificent Armor required
Magnificent Solstice Armor
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from $19
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Helmet - Master Nightfall
$19 $19
Gauntlets - Nightmare Hunt
$13 $13
Chest - Pit of Heresy
$25 $25
Legs - Trials Wins
$29 $29
Class Item - Altar of Sorrow
$39 $39
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  1. Glowing Magnificent Solstice Armor
  2. Above and Beyond MMXX Triumph

Glowing Magnificent Helmet

  1. Nightfall: The Ordeal at Master Difficulty
  2. Exotic Gear (Common, RNG-based)
  3. Enhancement Prisms (Common, RNG-based)
  4. Ascendant Shards (Uncommon, RNG-based)
  5. Four points towards the weekly challenge

Glowing Magnificent Gauntlets

  1. Nightmare Hunt Completed
  2. Shadowkeep weapons or Dreambane Armor (depends on this week's Hunt)

    • Insanity - Love and Death Grenade Launcher
    • Rage - One Small Step Shotgun
    • Servitude - Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle
    • Pride - Dreambane Helmet
    • Isolation - Dreambane Gauntlets
    • Fear - Dreambane Chest Piece
    • Anguish - Dreambane Leg Armor
    • Despair - Dreambane Class Item

Glowing Magnificent Chest Armor

  1. Pit of Heresy Completion
  2. Masterworked Pinnacle Dreambane Armor Piece (one per week)
  3. Moon Dreambane Armor (RNG-based)
  4. Chance to get dungeon specific Premonition Pulse Rifle
  5. Chance to get dungeon specific Bane of Tyrants Ship 6 Sanguine Static Emblem

Glowing Magnificent Leg Armor

  1. 7 Trials of Osiris Wins
  2. Post match Trials drops

Glowing Magnificent Class Item

  1. Tier 5 Altars of Sorrow Completions (x3)

  2. Altars of Sorrow Legendary weapon (depends on Boss rotation)

    • Phogoth, The Untamed - Blasphemer (Shotgun)
    • Taniks, The Scarred - Apostate (Sniper Rifle)
    • Zydron, Gate Lord - Heretic (Rocket Launcher)
  3. Chance to get Bane of Crota ghost Shell

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Great job once again!!
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My hero! He does all the work so quick... If time is money, this guy is an investment that will save you a lot.

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