Weekly Reset and New Bungie Vidoc

The Annual Pass content is now available to all Forsaken players, while all negative modifiers have been removed from The Reckoning activity.

Weekly Reset and New Bungie Vidoc

The Weekly Reset is upong us once more, accompanied this week with some unique boons. The Annual Pass content is now available to all players who own the Forsaken expansion (even if you never bought a single Season), while all negative modifiers have been removed from The Reckoning activity. Make hay while the sun shines, Guardians.

In addition Bungie dropped a new vidoc called "The Moon and Beyond" that's essentially a recap of everything coming in Season 1 of Year 3. If you've been following the Shadowkeep news then you probably know most of this already, but there are a few new details worth highlighting.

New Shadowkeep News

The Darkness is Coming? - Destiny 1 character Eris Morn returns, presiding over the moon location. She's made an important lunar discovery that is apparently going to pivot the direction of Destiny's entire story towards its endgame, maybe bring into sight the franchise's ultimate adversay. We know the Traveller is the embodiment of Light, but what about it's diametric opposite: The Darkness?

Nightmares - We now know that Nightmares are the literal traumas of Guardians (their actual nightmares) which have returned to the Moon and somehow been made real. Expect to see phantom Guardians and even Bosses long thought dead (maybe some Destiny 1 favorites?) I'm guessing that whatever is driving this phenomenon probably has to do with what Eris Morn has found.

Nightmare-related Weapons - We got a good look at a new weapon type visually identifed by small X like markers on each weapon's frame. The X's glow red when Nightmares are near. Not sure if these weapons are acquired through the Nightmare Hunt activity, are enhanced against Nightmare enemies or just powerful in general.

Rune Table - In the Vidoc Luke Smith says "if you don't get rolls that you like, you're going to go back to the Rune Table and you're going to make more." What does that mean? Our current best guess is that he's referring to a Menagerie Chalice type situation, probably for the Nightmare Hunt activity.

Dungeon - We also got confirmation that the Shadowkeep dungeon is, as predicted, mon the moon.

Weapons - In the video we got to see the Exotic Auto Rifle Monte Carlo, a new Heavy Machine Gun, a new Finisher that heals you for 1/10 your Super Energy and and a Heavy Slot Exotic Bow that looked absoutely devastating in action. Is this the reward for the first Exotic Quest? Could be.

Season of Dawn: At one point in the vidoc we saw a white board with a catergory for the next two seasons entilted 'Player Fantasy'. For Season of the Undying the box read 'Dam the Flood' (of Vex). For Season of Dawn, the box read 'Fix the Timeline'. Everyone is speculating that must mean some sort of time travel shenanigans, whether that's finally getting to the bottom of the Dreaming City's time loop curse, or something even bolder - turning back the clock in certain areas of the D2 universe.

Nightfall: The Ordeal - The highest level of all Strikes now goes by the name Nightfal: The Ordeal. It's divided into four tiers of difficulty, one at 750 to try out when Shadowkeep drops, and the other 3 tied pretty close together at 920-980. I'm guessing that's where the 'Prime Engram' grind lays in wait for us all. These Stikes have a lot of mission modifiers to throw your A-game off, and including a new enemy type called Champions, who also get their own modifiers.


Matchmaking Toggle - In the above screenshot Nightfall: The Ordeal has a matchmaking toggle set to off. Presumably if you set it to on you could play the activity with randoms. Is this matchmaking toggle going to be game wide? For regular nightfall, raids, dungeons, nightmare hunt, etc.? That would be neat.

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