Weekly Reset 9/10/19, Mars Community Challenge Ends and an Update on Weapons 2.0

Weekly Reset time. Destiny 2 players worldwide beat the Mars Community Challenge. Luke Smith talks about the possibility of Weapons 2.0.

Weekly Reset 9/10/19, Mars Community Challenge Ends and an Update on Weapons 2.0

Another Tuesday, another Weekly Reset. Turns out everyone completed the Mars Community Challenge (Menagerie rewards for all) and Luke Smith chimes in on the possibility of Weapons 2.0.


Flashpoint: Nessus, Solar Singe, Crucible Play List: Doubles, and more.

Head on over to the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Infographic, courtesy Discord user "Niris.tv"

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Last week Destiny 2 players around the world banded together to conquer the Community Challenge requirements on Mars. If you completed a Nightfall strike during that week, you get a special Emblem commemorating the event, even if you didn't actually participate. Better yet, everyone will be getting additional rewards for Menagerie completions, one additional drop every Friday, topping out at five additional drops on the Friday before Shadowkeep.

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If you're looking to earn the MMXIX Seal, the last week to do so is upon you. You have until September 17 to complete all required activities. Need a reminder?

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In a recent appearance on the Kinda Funny Daily Games show, Luke Smith commented on whether or not an Armor 2.0 style overhaul would be coming to Destiny 2's Weapons' Perk Roll and Mod Infusion system any time soon.

“We’re looking at weapons overall right now,” Smith said. “There’s a long, long, probably 2000 words, deleted scene from the director’s cut that’s really looking at things like infusion in weapons and the relationships we want players to think of [with] their weapons in Destiny. We’re not working on weapons 2.0 right now.”

“It’s the type of thing where we could bet on that right now, but what we really are looking at is how we are going to continue to grow buildcrafting. And that’s the frontier we’re exploring right now. I can imagine at some point taking a look at weapons down the road, but I think that’s pretty far down the road.”

In other words, your prized weapon collection is safe from any sort of total overhaul heading into Shadowkeep, and for the foreseeable future.

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