Weekend Update 10.19.19

Weekend Update. Stat performance in the wild. Pay to Power Level? Telesto pulled from Iron Banner.

Weekend Update 10.19.19

How's your weekend going? Enjoying some Iron Banner? I am. Even though Bungie claims their TrueSkill Matchmaking system is all but guaranteed to create fair and balanced teams, I'm seeing a lot of  one-sided curb stomps out there, usually in my favor. I'm not complaining, but it gets old. Also having teams broken up every other match is a pain when you've got a limited amount of time to play. Anyway. Stuff. Enjoy.

Movement, Resilience, Recovery Stat Review

Lets talk Year 3 Armor 2.0 stats, specifically Movement, Resiliance and Recovery. Let's talk about how much difference it makes having a 1/10 versus a 10/10. I suppose  technically its now on a scale of 1-100, but since you only get performance boosts every x10 points, I'm still going by 1-10.  Youtuber Mtashed did a great analysis of all three primary stats and as it happens, Recovery is absolutely vital. It also turns out Resiliance is basically useless in PvP, and Mobility will never effect your sprint speed, no matter how much you wish it would. You can jump a bit higher though.

Mobility analysis is here >

Resilience analysis is here >

Recovery analysis is here >

Boost Your Second & Third Character to 900 for $40

So if you haven't heard by now, Bungie is selling the ability to boost your second and third character to Power level 900 for $20 a pop. That's $40 for both, the price of Shadowkeep and the Season Pass. And to take advantage of that bargain you have to have leveled at least one character to 900 in the first place. So you'd be able to loan your other characters 900+ weapons anyway.

Look, I only mention this because I think it's indicative of one of the ways in which Bungie is going to monetize their audience from now on. I for one am completely ok with it. If someone wants to pay good money for that kind of negligible short cut and is completely satisfied with the results, good for them. Same with anyone who drops whatever dollars Bungie is going to be asking at the end of the Season for all the Season Pass content. I'm always concerned its a slippery slope towards paying for real advantages over dedicated players, but so far, so good.

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Update 2.6.1 Incoming

Bungie are shooting to drop update 2.6.1. on October 29th. Among other things, it looks like Trample and Everlasting Flames are going to get a little nerf for PvP.

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Telesto Pulled From Iron Banner

Turns out there was an exploitable glitch where detonating four planeted Telesto shots with a grenade would instantly refill your Super Meter. Fun. Anyway I believe it's gone now.

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