The Witch Queen is Here - Everything you need to know before taking on Savathun

The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen have arrived in Destiny 2 - here's everything you need to know before taking on Savathun.

The Witch Queen is Here - Everything you need to know before taking on Savathun

Savathun, the queen of a thousand lies, has had her plans brought to fruition. The light has been stolen, the vanguard weakened. The threat is greater than ever. Is your guardian prepared to fight the Witch Queen?

Taking place on the Witch Queen’s throne world, the new Campaign follows your Guardian as they desperately try to uncover the secret of how the witch queen stole the traveler's light. The Witch Queen campaign has been labeled the most ‘Definitively Destiny’ campaign Bungie’s made, and features new areas, new exotics, a new weapon type, crafting, new enemies, and a brand new campaign mode.

With the Floor Cap has been pushed to 1350 Power and Pinnacle to 1560, it’s once again time to build up your arsenal with better gear. Fortunately, Season of the Risen brings a catalogue of new ways for your Guardian to gear up. The newly added crafting system offers a way to customize your new gear, such as the new glaive weapon type and exotics that you’ll have your choice to choose from. There are 4 new Exotic guns, 2 of which are grenade launchers. The Parasite launches  Hive worms at your enemies, and Dead Messenger allows guardians to swap the weapon's active element, offering even more ways for Guardians to mix up a fight. Also in the mix is the Osteo Striga, the first craftable exotic in the game, and Grand Overture, a machine gun’s machine gun that decided to add some missiles to the mix. Then there are the 3 Glaives, each divided by class which will either help you heal your allies with Solar, defend your position with Void, or hunt down your enemies with Arc. Of course, you may decide to forego the new weapons altogether and dedicate yourself to crafting your perfect side arm.

The new Glaive weapon type

You’ll need the extra firepower, as the witch queen's prized forces, the Lucent Brood, can’t be killed so easily. A benefit of her theft of the light, Savathun has gained the ability to give her forces Ghosts similar to that of a guardian, so just killing them won’t be enough. They’ll be back in the fight before you know it unless you make sure to prevent it.

And last but not least, there’s the new Legendary Campaign mode, available right from the start. The Legendary campaign takes everything up a notch - from the enemies to the rewards, as you’re looking at looting around double the chests in Legendary mode that you will in Standard mode. But you’ll have to earn them, as Bungie’s made sure that you’ll have to work to earn each extra shard of glimmer. Each legendary encounter has been hand tuned by the team to make sure each one is as hard as a diamond and just as valuable. For those who successfully complete the Legendary campaign, even more rewards await, including a new emblem exclusive to those who have mastered this challenge.