The Slammer (Adept): A Slice of Destiny

The Slammer (Adept): A Slice of Destiny
Bungie - The Slammer

Wardens, fireteams assemble! A new contender has entered the ring for the title of best sword in Destiny 2: The Slammer (Adept). This Stasis Vortex Frame sword, fresh out of the Season of the Wish update, is packing some serious heat and could become your new favorite weapon for crowd control and boss DPS.

What is The Slammer (Adept)?

The Slammer is the current Nightfall weapon, available until March 26th, 2024.  This means that Guardians will have an increased chance of acquiring it throughout the week by completing Nightfall strikes. The Adept version, the ultimate prize, is guaranteed to drop upon completion of a Grandmaster Nightfall.

The Power of Stasis

The Slammer leverages the power of Stasis, perfect for freezing enemies in their tracks and shattering them for massive damage.  This makes it a great choice for dealing with large groups of foes, especially those pesky Champions shielded against other elements.

God Roll Ready

The beauty of The Slammer lies in its potential perk combinations. With the right roll, it can become a champion-slaying machine with perks like Anti-Barrier or Overload Round, or a boss-melting monster with perks like Vorpal Weapon or Whirlwind Blade.  Keep in mind that acquiring the perfect Adept version with the specific perks you desire might take some persistence, but the rewards are worth it.

When to Unleash the Slammer

The Slammer truly shines in Nightfall content, especially high-level difficulties where enemy density and champion variety are at their peak.  Its ability to freeze and shatter adds an extra layer of crowd control to your fireteam's arsenal, making even the toughest encounters more manageable. Additionally, its potential for high DPS makes it a valuable asset for taking down powerful bosses quickly.

The Verdict

The Slammer (Adept) is a strong contender for the top sword slot in Destiny 2.  With its Stasis typing, potential god rolls, and effectiveness in Nightfall content, it's a weapon worth grinding for. So, grab your fireteam, dust off your best Nightfall gear, and get ready to experience the slicing power of The Slammer!