The Serpent’s Moon is Rising over Hunt: Showdown

What we know about the Serpent’s Moon event in Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown

The Serpent’s Moon is Rising over Hunt: Showdown

Another phase of the twisted moon rises over the cursed Bayou of Louisiana, casting corrupted shadows from its sickly pale light. As the Traitor’s moon falls, the Serpent’s moon rises, a time of scales and venom and blood running cold as ice and just as slow. No longer a time for subtle subterfuge, open hostility and poison words rule the night. For all who walk under the moon, there is only one question left. Shall they fall to the fang or be vexed by venom?

Leaked image courtesy of u/CF2lter

A new event is coming to Hunt: Showdown on July 27th. The Serpent’s Moon is a sister event to Hunt’s first event of 2022, the Traitor’s Moon. Though not much has been officially said beyond the date, theme, and sound teaser of a new weapon, a leak by u/CF2lter claims to have discovered much more of the event.

According to the leak, the majority of the Serpents moon event can be broken down into:  “Battlepass, Snake Basket, Snake Bite, Sacrifice Snakes at Snake Altars, Loot&Destory, Banish Snakes, Boost Contracts”. While some of these point to fairly standard Hunt: Showdown event activities, such as the Contracts, Looting and Destroying, and Sacrificing at Altars, others don’t fit so neatly into the formula. While nothing beyond the name Snake Bite, Snake Basket, and Battlepass were mentioned in the leak, some conclusions can be drawn, either from the name itself (Battlepass is rather self-explanatory, and may revolve around the new summons system) or from context elsewhere in the leak. Snake Bite, when put into the context of the Viper being bitten by their pet snake, and that the venom coursing through their veins made them a more fearsome fighter, could be some type of buff gained by voluntarily taking poison damage. With the context of Mr. Chary cutting open Kevin to unleash several snakes, the term Snake Basket takes on a sickening second meaning.

Along with what the leak claims and implies of the event itself, it also claims to reveal the introduction of several new weapons, legendaries, and even a new Bounty target. The leak claims that 3 new weapons are coming into the mix this Serpent’s Moon. The Sparks Pistol, a Sparks LRR rifle cut down to size. What it gains in portability it loses in distance and recoil. There’s also the Sparks Pistol pair, with all the same advantages and drawbacks. And finally, there’s a gun the fanbase has been pleading to get for a while now, the Alamo. The Alamo is a Romero shotgun jury-rigged to be semi-automatic, capable of holding 5 shells at a time, and boasting a completely external loading device. But of course, where it gains in one area it must also lose in another, though what the Alamo had to sacrifice for its increased ammo capacity and reload speed is unclear in the leak.

Serpent's Moon is only the second chapter of this book, and may not be the last

The legendary hunters and skins are mostly those described in the Narrative Lore leak, the Viper specifically takes center stage as they share a theme with the event. But the real show stopper here is the new boss, currently named the Gator. Given the theme of the upcoming event, it can only be assumed that we will see them sooner than we think. Stay safe in the Bayou hunters. You won’t be able to for much longer.