Summer Medleyfaire comes to New World

Everything to know before the Summer Medleyfaire of Amazon Game’s New World

Summer Medleyfaire comes to New World

A new event, the Summer Medleyfaire is coming to New World’s Aeturnum this July. A celebration of music and song, this new event isn’t terribly unlike a music festival and will involve places and people from across Aeturnum. A Dev Update from earlier in the month goes into great detail about everything there is to know about the Summer Medleyfaire, and there’s a lot to explore.

Concept art for the Summer Medleyfaire

When the Aeturnum Sturgeon start to swim, the Summer Medleyfaire must begin. A celebration of the summer months led by the Maestro, the Summer Medleyfaire is all about song, dance, and fish. Yes, fish. As the Aeturnum Sturgeon is such an integral part of the Medleyfaire, fishing is given quite a lot of importance. Medleyfaire decorations are a fish-like design, and the ability to mount your catches comes in the same update. And it’s not just the Sturgeon that you can mount, anything you catch could be hung up on your walls, even an old boot.

In addition to fishing, music is the other big pillar of the Summer Medleyfaire, with 5 instruments being released to the Public Test Realm, and over 30 songs to discover. Explorers of Aeturnum can learn how to play the guitar, the mandolin, the upright bass, the drums, and the Azoth flute, and flaunt their skills in a solo performance, all the way up to a 5 person ensemble. No matter the composition, there will be a song you can perform and benefits for performing. Assuming you and your potential band play well enough, you can earn a temporary buff, or even get tips from other players, and of course, as your skill with your instrument increases, so do the rewards.

Coming with the same update as the Summer Medleyfaire is Barnacles and Blackpowder, a new endgame expedition. Down in the Cutlass Keys awaits Admiral Blackpowder and their legendary cursed treasure. Guarded by their skeletal crew and piratical traps, all is not as it seems. Will you and your expedition crew be able to live to tell the tale?

The Aeturnum Sturgeon, a seasonal fish integral to the Medleyfaire

With so much on the way this summer, it looks like Aeturnum will be a land of excitement and adventure over the next months. So why not sail to the Isle Aeturnum and see what adventure finds you?