Season of the Haunted has Arrived

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted lasts from May 24th to August 23rd

Season of the Haunted has Arrived

After a long wait, and a lot of truly admirable secret keeping by the Bungie Devs, the mysterious season 17 has finally been revealed as the Season of the Haunted. The trailer dropped the day before launch with little fanfare, although that didn’t last long as the fanbase lost their collective minds, and for good reason. The season wasn’t kept secret for nothing - the Leviathan has returned, Solar 3.0 has launched, and there’s a new dungeon waiting to be explored. We’re not even a week into the season, and only on the first paragraph of this article.

Season of the Haunted Trailer

Calus the Exiled Emperor has returned upon their ship Leviathan, hovering over the Lunar Pyramid in an attempt to commune with Darkness. The very same that twists the once familiar halls of the ship and fill the air with ghosts and shadows of your regrets. The corrupted Leviathan is the location for Nightmare Containment, one of the Season’s new activities. Three guesses for what you do, but if you want a spoiler, get ready to fight some ghosts. The other activity that takes place in the corrupted Leviathan is Sever, a seasonal mission to Sever Calus’s control over the Nightmares.

Solar 3.0 is finally here, and it is more than ready to remind you that fire hurts, but also heals. In a trailer for the Solar 3.0 rework, several aspects of the subclasses get revealed, including several notable abilities. Titans gain an aspect called Consecration, letting them perform a flying uppercut ground pound combo, spewing fire all the way. Hunters earn a bit more cowboy flair with their new Gunpowder gamble, three trip mines wired up together, with a hitbox that is quite literally begging you to shoot it in midair. Warlocks get the iconic Incinerator snap, which unleashes a wave of fire against their foes, or sets just one ablaze, causing all corners of the internet to compare it to their pyromaniac or pyromancer of choice.

Solar 3.0 is here

Along with the new season, there is also a new dungeon. The currently unknown dungeon will launch on May 27th with a Normal and Master difficulty. The Normal difficulty requires a power level of 1550, and it has the gear to match, with a loot pool comprising of 2 Legendary Emblems, 3 Legendary armor sets, 6 Legendary weapons (4 of which are completely new), an Exotic weapon and its catalyst, and last but not least, an Exotic Accessory. While it’s purchased separately from the rest of the season, its loot definitely makes it look worth it.

With so much on the way for the season, and so much yet to be revealed, it’s impossible to be overprepared for the Season of the Haunted. With Calus’ return, and the corruption of the Leviathan creating specters in every corner, you know who you want at your side. We’ll see you on the moon Guardians.