Say Hello to Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2’s Newest Season

Everything you need to know about Lifeweaver, the newest hero coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 4.

Say Hello to Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2’s Newest Season

The start of a new season is a big event for any live service game, and Overwatch 2 is no exception. With Season 4 starting April 11th, the devs have revealed the 9th support hero of O2 - and they might upend the support playstyle for good. Support has always been a more reactive role to play. Even when given offensive options like in the case of Moira, supports rarely dictate the flow of combat. Well, Lifeweaver is here to say ‘no more’, and he won’t even need any purely offensive moves to do it.

Lifeweaver's lore trailer

Lifeweaver, also known as Niran Pruksamanee, was described by the dev team as a ‘Sci-Fi Druid’ who derives their powers from a nature-based technology he invented called ‘Biolight’. Niran discovered this Biolight while studying at Vishkar Architech Academy, the same university Symmetra studied at. Niran wanted to freely distribute the Biolight, letting everyone enjoy its miraculous healing abilities. However, the Academy had different plans. As the Biolight technology was created with their resources, they wanted to reap the benefits. When Lifeweaver discovered this and fled with his creation, the Academy placed a hefty bounty on his head.

Lifeweaver's gameplay trailer

Yet a hero isn’t defined by their past, but by what they can do. And Lifeweaver’s kit is where they really shine, with abilities that focus not only on healing but team positioning.
Their primary fire ability is the Healing Blossom. This ranged biolight flower gains potency when charged and then is shot forward to heal a teammate. This can be swapped out for their Thorn Volley, Lifeweaver’s only damage-dealing ability, which shoots out biolight thorns in rapid succession.
Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform is the first positioning ability in their kit, allowing them to throw a pressure-sensitive flower on the ground, which will lift itself up in the air when an ally or enemy steps on it, allowing for an instant snipers nest or the removal of a dangerous melee opponent.
Rejuvenating Dash allows Lifeweaver to zip across the map while also granting some self-healing, making for a useful escape tool.
Speaking of escape tools, Life Grip allows Lifeweaver to pull allies towards himself in an invincible bubble, rescuing allies from life-threatening situations or summoning emergency reinforcements. Some players of Final Fantasy 14 might be experiencing flashbacks to Rescue from that description, but don’t fret. Life Grip cannot be used to team kill, as it won’t activate if your ally would be dropped into dangerous terrain.
Parting Gift is Lifeweaver’s passive ability, which activates upon death. It spawns a healing item at the point where he died, but be careful as it can be picked up by a friend or foe.
Last but not least is Lifeweaver’s ultimate, the Tree of Life. The massive tree provides a decent amount of cover while also healing allies within a large area of effect, potentially changing the tides of a losing battle.

Support your team's victory with Lifeline starting April 11th

Lifeweaver will be available to play alongside the launch of Overwatch 2’s 4th season, which will release on April 11th. To unlock Lifeweaver, you’ll either need to reach level tier 45 of season 4’s free battle pass or purchase the premium battle pass to start playing as Lifeweaver immediately. Lifeweaver seems to be making some big waves in the community even before release, so it will be interesting to see how the use of their kit evolves throughout the season. Good luck out there heroes!