Say Hello to Ballistic, Apex’s Newest Legend

Everything you need to know about Ballistic, coming to Apex Legends with Season 17: Arsenal.

Say Hello to Ballistic, Apex’s Newest Legend

It’s that time again when the seasons change, the roster expands, balance changes go into effect, and it’s well and truly out of season to make a comparison to Fall. With Season 17: Arsenal arriving May 9th, people have been waiting with bated breath for any news about the new season, or even better, the newest Legend, Ballistic. And with the release of the latest Stories from the Outlands, we can do just that.

Ballistic's Story from the Outlands

Ballistic, or to use his non-Apex name, August Brinkman was a retired star of the predecessor to the Apex Games, the Thunderdome Games. The substance of the two games seems to be largely the same, with one glaring difference. They didn’t have the medical technology to revive dead contestants. And this difference is what caused Brinkman’s star to fall.

August was part of a team with his wife and brother-in-law. In one game, while Ballistic was showing off to the crowd, his brother-in-law was shot and died in his sister’s arms. This incident not only caused the living members of the team to retire but created a rift between husband and wife that eventually resulted in her leaving with their son.

Between the death of his friend and the separation of his family, the conditions were perfect for August to spiral into Alcoholism and Depression for the rest of his days. And he probably would have spiraled forever if his son hadn’t been qualified for the Apex Games. Not willing to accept his son’s admission, Brinkman went on a bit of a shooting spree in Silva Pharmaceuticals to have a talk with his ‘old friend’ Torres Silva. They came to a deal; his entrance into the Apex games, in exchange for his son being disqualified from them. No prize for guessing Silva’s answer, even if Brinkman’s son never saw it coming.

The Launch Trailer for Season 17 of Apex

Lore is all well and good, but how will this old-timer fare on the field? A full kit for Ballistic has been revealed, and although not all of it has been confirmed, many of the unconfirmed abilities align closely with what Ballistic has been shown to do in their Stories from the Outlands video and their launch trailer. What is confirmed is Ballistic’s Assault class, giving them the ability to carry additional ammo and access Weapon Supply Bins. What hasn’t been confirmed, but supported by official trailers, is the rest of his kit.

-His Passive is Weapon Sling. This allows Ballistic to add a third weapon to their arsenal. However, this slung weapon cannot accept any attachments.

-His Tactical is Smart Bullet. The Smart bullet is a lock-on attack that debuffs the target, overheating their weapons and dealing damage as a result.

-His Ultimate is Weapon Enhancer. This buff gives you and the teammates near you unlimited ammo, faster reload time, and increased speed. In addition, your sling weapon is made into the gold version of itself and is automatically equipped.

Ballistic firing a Smart Bullet in Arsenal promotional art

The fan response to Ballistic’s introduction has been wildly enthusiastic, and for good reason. This stylish gunslinger has presence, and a powerful offensive kit to back it up. His addition is certain to make the upcoming season very interesting, just as Silva intended. Season 17: Arsenal, comes out May 9th, and will last the typical three months, giving the player base plenty of time to master Ballistic’s moves, and shoot to the top of the ranks. May your aim be true Legends!