Revelry Has Come to Apex Legends

Everything you need to know about Season 16 of Apex Legends, Revelry

Revelry Has Come to Apex Legends

Today is the day Legends. Season 16, Revelry, has just kicked off and is bringing Apex’s 4th Anniversary celebration with it. While unlike previous seasons, in the sense that there isn’t a new Legend to kick off the release, there are still plenty of new things to enjoy and play around with as we kick off the next three months. To name a few, Season 16 introduces an improved game introduction, a new Team Death Match mode, and a variety of class changes.

The Launch Trailer for Season 16: Revelry

The headline when it comes to class changes is, of course, the new layout of 5 classes, as opposed to the old 4. Starting today, the classes in Apex are:

Assault: Legends who charge into combat to force their enemies to make a mistake. Legends in this class get the ability to carry an extra stack of ammo per inventory slot and can receive additional loot from red weapon chests. The Legends in this category are Ash, Fuse, Mad Maggie, Bangalore, and Revenant.
Skirmish: High mobility Legends who excel at hit-and-run tactics. Legends in this class get the ability to spot care packages from further away, as well as know what the best item in the drop will be. The Legends in this category are Pathfinder, Horizon, Octane, Valkyrie, Wraith, and Mirage.
Recon: The Legends who can spy and track enemy combatants. Legends in this class get the ability to share the location of enemies with their team. Recon legends include Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, and Vantage. As this class has had the most change, many of its Legends are getting more individual balance changes as well.
Controller: The Legends who can change the landscape to suit their needs. Legends in this class are the first to know where the ring is narrowing. The Legends in this category are Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, and Catalyst.
Support: The Legends that boost up their teammates. Legends in this class get the ability to access more healing items from blue supply bins. Legends in this category are Lifeline, Loba, Newcastle, and Gibraltar.

The Gameplay Trailer for Season 16: Revelry

Classes aren’t the only thing that’s changing this season. Apex is kicking off Revelry with a 3-week Limited Time Mode, Team Death Match. TDM is something the community has been hungering for, and it’s finally here. 6v6, 30 kills to a round, best 2 out of 3 to win it all. TDM will be rotating between Party Crasher, Habitat, and Skull Town maps. Once TDM’s three weeks are up, a new playlist called Mixtape will be added. Mixtape is an evolving rotation of LTM modes, and the starting rotation will include Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run. Developers say this mode will change from season to season, reintroducing old modes and perhaps even introducing new ones, so there will always be something fresh to do if you’re not feeling another round of Battle Royale.

The Mixtape playlist might be a treat for old fans, but the Devs aren’t ignoring their new fans either. The firing range has been greatly improved, giving players unlimited ammo, up-to-date stats, hit indicators, tutorial challenges, and customization options. They even taught the Dummies how to strafe. And that’s not all; new players are now given an orientation match before heading out into the full game. This match is mainly fought between new players and AI, but new players can also invite their friends, so they can play together right from the jump. All matches are fought in the iconic Kings Canyon map, and once a player comes in first or consistently places in the top 5, they’ll graduate from orientation and be ready to jump into the full game.

Nemesis: The new Energy Assault Rifle coming to Season 16

Revelry promises to be an action-packed season with large changes being made to the meta. From the class and Legend changes to the new Mixtape, there will be a lot for fans to dig into. More content will continue to drop as well, like the new energy rifle, Nemesis, and the Anniversary Collection event. Season 16: Revelry comes out today and will last for three months, giving everyone plenty of time to adapt to a new meta, practice their TDM skills, and bring their team to victory. Happy anniversary Legends!