Shadowkeep Week Two, Secrets of the Moon and Power Level 950+

By now I'm sure a majority of players have seen most of what Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying have to offer and are well on their way to taking their characters to Power level 950 and Season Rank 100...

Shadowkeep Week Two, Secrets of the Moon and Power Level 950+

By now I'm sure a majority of players have seen most of what Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying have to offer, at least from the launch content, and are well on their way to taking their characters to Power level 950 and Season Rank 100. For this blog I've rounded up some of the most recent, relevant information I could find, collected in one location, for your convenience.

Garden of Salvation Raid Jacket Offer Ending 10/15


If you fancy Bungie's exclusive Garden of Salvation Raid Jacket, make sure to complete the Raid before the reset on 10/15. Then it's up to you to decide if you want to drop $149.99 on what is, well, actually a pretty nice looking jacket.

'The Vow' Quest Progress

When I first attempted the Eriana's Vow Catalyst Quest (The Vow) I was baffled by how slowly the progress pecentage was going up. Turns out, it's supposed to be that way. As you reach Season Rank 11 and 22 you unlock one, then two, Catalyst Quest Boosts (Alpha and Omega) that significantly accelerate the rate at which the Quest progresses. In other words, if you're a Season Pass holder, just wait till Season Rank 22 to complete The Vow.

Here's a great review of the weapon and the Catalyst >

Power Level 950+

So it turns out getting to the softcap of 950 isn't so bad. For Year 3 Bungie have continued to allow Rare (Blue) drops at your current character Power level, making it easy to bring individual slots up to your current Power level, as opposed to waiting for the right Powerful Legendary to drop for a specific slot. There are also destination vendors (like Devrim on Earth) who will reward for turning in planetary resources (e.g. Dusklight Shards) with gear at your current Power level. However it looks like getting from 'true' 950-960 (i.e. without the aid of the Season Artifact) is going to be a different matter entirely...

Go here to lean more >

PvP Heavy Ammo Now Spawning Slower

Early this week, in a post on their messageboard, Bungie announced a quick change being immediately made to PvP as a result of overwhelming player feedback. Long story short, they increased the heavy ammo spawn times to make heavy ammo less abundant in PvP.

'Control' heavy ammo spawn times have gone from first spawn at 45 second and then every 60 seconds to first spawn at 45 seconds and then every 120 seconds.

'Clash' and 'Supremacy' spawn times have gone from first spawn at 15 seconds and then every 60 seconds to first spawn at 60 seconds and then every 120 seconds.

'Survival' will soon go from first spawn at 30 seconds and then every 60 seconds to first spawn at 60 seconds then again 60 seconds later.

Head to Bungie for the full update >

Season Rank Rewards

How's it going with your Season Rank progress? 25? 50? Here are some tips from a player who got to Season Rank 100 6 days ago. Apparently repeated Lost Sector runs and completed Bounties on the moon are the key to quick progress.

Also, just as a heads up, Exotic Engram Season Rank rewards are not immune to duplicates, so if were hoping for Monte Carlo to be your first Exotic reward, you may be dissapointed.

Read all about it here >

Secrets of the Moon

Here's a compilation of known moon secrets. I know, I'm playing catch up on some of these.


Perhaps you've already seen one of these cute little guys on your lunar excursions. They are small rabbit figurines whose design is associated with a fictional weapons manufacturer in Destiny named Daito, who happens to make the Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle.

There are 9 Daito rabbit figurines (everyone's calling them Jade Rabbits) hidden around the moon and they operate similarly to the cat statues in the Dreaming City. Each rabbit figurine demands a 'tribute' item, in this case a Rice Cake, and once it has been gifted they teleport to a Jade Rabbit room near the landing zone at Sanctuaryt to appear upon 9 ot 10 stands. Nothing special happens when you collect all 9 that we know of, but you continue to find Rice Cakes and there is a 10th stand, so perhaps a 10th is coming?

Here's where to find them all >

And here's the best way to gather Rice Cakes >

Speaking of Jade Rabbit,  Xur is selling the the Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle this weekend. He's on the starwell behind Dead Orbit at the Tower. No idea if the gun will have anything to do with the figurines, but since Scout Rifles all received a buff this Season, it's a solid Exotic to have in your collection regardless.


Once the campaign is finished, you can find Ghost Traces by completing regular actitivites on the moon. Trade these  with Eris Morn to unlock missions to search for Dead Ghosts. There are 9 Dead Ghosts in total. Each Ghost found rewards the player with 9 Phantamal Fragments.

Here's where to find every Dead Ghost >


If you've come across a barnacled locked chest somwhere on (or below) the moon surface, with three runes on the front, there's a way to open them. Just look high and low in the immediate vicinity for runes matching those on the chest, and shoot them in the order they appear on the chest, from left to right.

Here's a more detailed explanation >


Found  patrolling near the entry to the Anchor of Light area as your travel from Sanctuary, the Trove Guardiam is a yellow bar Hive Knight who is very easy to kill. Fell him and you'll see a message reading, 'A Pathway Has Opened'. That means a series of previously invisible platforms nearby are now accessible, leading to a chest with slightly above average contents. Hey, every bit helps.

For a video showing you the way, go here >


Did you know you can spend Helium Filaments to drop a Raid Banner right next to Eris Morn when you land on the moon at Sanctuary. It's a good to way to stock up before you head off to do whatever you came to do.


It appears there are more secrets on the moon yet to be discovered. Is there a 10th Daito Rabbit? Is there a 10th Dead Ghost? What is the Crashed CubeSat for? What is the Sanctuary Purple Ball about? What the heck are Hive Flowers? What does 'You stand unworthy' or 'The offering ceases to appease' mean? What is the new room in the Tower opposite the Daito room for? Does it have to do with Leviathan's Breath Exotic Quest coming later this month?

Fearless Guardians are out there searching for answers as we speak, and if you'd like to keep up with their discoveries I happen to know a girl who knows a guy who knows a place.

It's here. The place is here >