Overwatch 2: Invasion is on the Horizon

Everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s 6th season, Invasion

Overwatch 2: Invasion is on the Horizon

The time is approaching once again. Season 6 of Overwatch 2, Invasion, is starting to make waves in the fandom, and for good reason. From the emergence of Story and Event missions to the new Flashpoint and Hero Mastery modes, season 6 promises to bring with it a lot of new content. And that’s not even to mention the newest hero that will be unveiled alongside the new season. All in all, there is a lot to dive into, so let’s get started.

Null Sector is on the attack, and only you can stop them

Null Sector has returned with the introduction of Story Missions. Paris was just the beginning, as Null Sector operatives have started appearing across the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Gothenburg. In the three missions that make up the Invasion storyline, new and old heroes alike will face off against Null Sector in the familiar locations of Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, and Gothenburg. But these won’t be the maps you’re used to. As stated in their reveal livestream, the storyline maps use the original PvP maps as a base, then expand them to 4 to 5 times their original size, revealing locations and environmental elements we’ve never seen before. In addition, these maps have been changed from their PvP balance to allow for PvE combat that would break the equilibrium of a PvP encounter.

But it’s not just the maps that have gotten an update, but the enemies too. Be on the lookout for Null Sector bots you’ve never seen before. From the long-range artillery to the masters of ambush, the Stalkers, Null Sector won’t stop until you are defeated, or they are.

In addition to the Invasion Storyline, the Invasion bundle comes with a non-canon co-op event that takes place in an updated King’s Row map, taking you and your allies on a rescue mission to save Omnics from Null Sector.

A preview of one of the new maps coming to Overwatch 2

But if plot-heavy additions aren’t your bag, this new season still has plenty in store. First and foremost, the long-awaited Hero Mastery mode is finally upon us. Starting with 5 heroes, Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, Sojourn and Winston, this solo mode is all about improving your skills. Canonically set in a holodeck-style training room, this simulation allows you to practice all of a hero’s skills and hone them to a fine edge. You can even compete against your friends for the highest score.

Of course, if you’re looking for something with a bit more PvP, Flashpoint is what you’re looking for. Currently taking place in the new map of New Junk City, which is of similar size to the new Story Mission maps, Flashpoint takes the principles of Control and turns them to 11. There are 5 potential control points on the map, and it takes 3 to win. The map randomly activates 1 control point at a time; once that point is completely captured, it’ll randomly activate another, meaning your team is never quite sure where they’ll be heading next. And with several potential routes between each point, you’ll never be sure where your enemy will come from either.

Our first look at Overwatch 2's newest support hero

Overwatch 2, Season 6: Invasion will launch on August 10th, at which point all we’ve discussed here today will start making their way into the game. But we’ve only scratched the surface here today, and as the date comes closer, I’m sure we’ll hear more of what’s in store for season 6. From more details on the upcoming modes and events to some more concrete details of the new support hero we’ve only gotten the faintest glimpse of so far. We’ll see you soon heroes!