New Apex Legends Event Dives Deep Into One Legend's Story

Apex Legends new event "Old Ways, New Dawn" dives into the lore of one legend with Bloodhound's Chronicles.

New Apex Legends Event Dives Deep Into One Legend's Story

The new Apex Legends event, titled "Old Ways, New Dawn", focuses on the deep lore and story telling Apex Legends is known for. Learn more about Bloodhound through a series of staggered quests in Old Ways, New Dawn.

With little focus on combat, the event will focus primarily on storytelling. Taking place over five chapters released in staggering intervals, the event will contain a Prologue quest, three chapters, and then the finale. All of this takes place over September 28 - October 5, giving you plenty of time to dive into this new lore for Legend Bloodhound.


To begin the first quest in Bloodhound's Chronicles, you'll need to be playing as the character. You won't be able to complete the challenges in ranked game modes, so once you've chosen your character you'll need to queue for normal matches in World's Edge. Once in the map, finding a White Raven will trigger the challenges.

White Raven in World's Edge

Completing each chapter will reward players with Battle Pass Stars, and if you manage to complete the entire event, three Apex Packs. These packs are centered around Bloodhound and are guaranteed to have at least one rare item per pack.

In addition to the Bloodhound event, the ranked split is currently ongoing, giving players a chance at becoming an Apex Predator in ranked matches. With the split also comes a soft reset, which will set players back a couple of ranks to keep things interesting, and to keep players motivated to reach the top.