League of Legend’s Latest Void Champion has Arrived

All bow down to Bel’Veth, Empress of the Void.

League of Legend’s Latest Void Champion has Arrived

The latest champion for League of Legends has finally been introduced. After a roadmap from September of last year mentioned “an overwhelming new jungler that should fill a void in all your hearts”, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the first Void champion since Kai’Sa was introduced back in 2018. Well, the time for waiting is almost over, now that Bel’Veth has been properly introduced in her new champion trailer.

The champion trailer for Bel'Veth

Beside’s Bel’Veth’s Splatoon-esque ‘You’re a Kid now, you’re a Squid now’ transformation into their true form - which understandably drew the attention of the crowds - there’s also quite a lot more uncovered about their origins, and their future. Bel’Veth is all the void has consumed, starting with their namesake, the city of Bel’Veth, now the center of her new world, the Lavender Sea. A world she plans to expand, turning all that is void and all that is reality into a meal for her consumption, compost for her perfect pseudo-subnautical world.

Bel’Veth’s creation also reveals lore for The Watchers as well. As beings of pure nothing, the Watchers despised reality, but each contact with it changed them, warped them, corrupted them. Giving them emotions and feelings and desires beyond the endless void. This corruption is what gave birth to Bel’Veth, and if she has anything to say about it, it is what also brought about the end of Void and Reality as we know it.

In addition to the Champion Trailer, Bel’Veth’s full moveset has been revealed. Her Passive is called Death in Lavender, which forms the basis of her lightning fast playstyle. After using an ability, her next two attacks have increased attack speed, killing important enemies and champions give her Lavender Stacks, which permanently increase attack speed, and her attack speed is uncapped. As a trade off, she doesn’t gain attack speed on level up, and her base damage is a little lower. Her Q ability, Void Surge, allows her to dash in one of 4 directions, and each direction has their own cooldown, allowing for a lot more flexibility in use. Her W ability is called Death From Above, a tail slam ability that deals damage and slows enemies, and will even reduce the cooldown for Void Surge if she hits an enemy champion. Her E ability is a self-centered AOE called Royal Maelstrom, which not only unleashes a flurry of attacks focused on the weakest enemies in her midst, but it also boosts her life steal and damage reduction.

Last but not least is her ultimate ability, Royal Banquet. Royal Banquet’s abilities are only available after Bel’Veth obtains and then uses a piece of Void Coral, which she can obtain by taking down Epic Monsters and Champions. Upon consumption, Bel’Veth explodes, revealing her true form, giving her a boost to health, move speed, range, and attack speed. In addition, her void surge will allow her to phase through walls, and if the Void Coral she consumes is pure enough (IE from an Epic Void Monster), then minions that die in her presence will be given a second life as her loyal Voidlings.

The true form of Bel'Veth

While no offical release date has been set for Bel’Veth, the ramping up of promotional material is a good sign that she is on her way. Add on to that the fact that Kai’Sa seems to be getting some form of update based on the new splash art for the champion, and it looks like the Void may be ready to take center stage, and they won’t give it up without a fight. Good luck champions.