How to get started in Apex Legends Mobile

Everything you need to get started in the mobile version of Apex Legends

How to get started in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legend’s Mobile version launched this past Tuesday, May 17th, and it is already a hit with Apex Legend fans, along with a continual surprise. The mobile version is better thought of as its own game instead of a new form of crossplay. In fact, mobile users have no crossplay with consoles or PCs. Many Legends have had to be updated for the mobile format, and some had to be left out entirely. With such a change in the Legend landscape, playstyles have had to change accordingly. In addition to the updates, the Mobile game has debuted an entirely new Legend, Fade, with plans to introduce them to the Console/PC game in the future.

The skill list of Fade, the mobile only Legend

Fade has already captured many a headline due to their surprise entrance. A completely unexpected addition to the game, Fade’s abilities have been built specifically with the mobile platform in mind, unlike the other Legends who had to have their skillsets translated from console to mobile, and it shows. Fade’s combat style is fast and forgiving, with a speed boost after sliding, and a rewind button on a 20 second cooldown. Fade’s ultimate, Phase Chamber, is a versatile AOE ability, with viable offensive and defensive uses. The AOE slows the speed of any Legends inside it, while also rendering them incapable of receiving or dealing damage. The possibilities are numerous, from shutting down a third party in a firefight, to casting it behind you, antagonizing the enemy, and then rewinding back into the area of effect.

The Perk unlock tree for Caustic

With a number of changes from the Console and PC versions compared to the mobile version, there can be a bit of a learning curve while adjusting from one to the other. Combat is a lot faster paced in a mobile environment, and that leads to a game with a bit of a harsher skill curve. But, apart from the singular map and new Legend, there’s not much that’s fundamentally changed to the formula, except for one thing. The skill system. Skills are a mobile only system in Apex Legends, and they’re unique to each Legend. When players level up their Legends, the Legends acquire skill tokens that can be used to unlock Perks, Finishers and Abilities. Legends can have 1 Finisher and 1 Ability equipped, but they can have up to 3 Perks active at a time. All three of the skills can be swapped out between matches, so understanding the best combination of perks for your preferred Legend’s playstyle can give you and your team a huge advantage against the competition.

Apex Legends Mobile has already been a huge success, with the game currently being at the top of many countries most downloaded apps, including the US and Japan. The game has also proven that it’s willing to surprise players, both with new systems and a surprise Legend. With that combination a game can go far, and we’ll be here to see it all along the way. Game on Legends!