How to Complete Destiny 2’s Haunted Sectors

How to complete Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost 2022 Event

How to Complete Destiny 2’s Haunted Sectors

With the Festival of the Lost in full swing, it’s once again time to delve into the depths of the Haunted Lost Sectors in search of Headless Ones and the treasures they guard. But, it’s not wise to go off looking for treats all on your own. Just like children who get their friends to reconnoiter the neighborhood to see which houses are handing out full-sized candy bars and which ones hand out apples and toothbrushes, a clever guardian lets us do all the recon, so they can just reap the rewards.

The Haunted Sectors playlist is where every sector can be found

First things first, to make the most of the festival and the sectors, you will need to grab a Festival Mask from Eva Levante at the Tower. This lets you earn Candy from various activities, but don’t worry about picking it up from the ground, as all dropped candy is sent to the postmaster to be picked up at your leisure. Like every Festival of the Lost before, candy is the main currency for all Festival rewards, so make sure to stuff your jack-o-lanterns and pillowcases till they’re about to burst.

If you're not careful, you might just be overwhelmed by multiple Headless Ones

Once you’re prepped for candy collection, it’s time to jump on into the Haunted Sectors playlist found on the Tower’s map. This year a new location has been added to the list, straight from the EDZ. It’s also a good idea to farm some Spectral Pages from other activities such as the crucible and nightmare containment first. This lets you convert them into Manifested Pages to get some lore and additional rewards. Haunted Sectors play out much like the Lost Sectors they’re adapted from, with an All-Hallows Eve twist in the form of summoning circles. Stand in the circles before they disappear to begin summoning Headless Ones.

You’ve got 5 minutes to spawn and kill up to 10 Headless Ones, at which point the boss of the sector will spawn. Each sector has its own boss, but all follow a similar formula where the boss will pull up a shield that can only be destroyed by a pumpkin bomb.  At the same time, new Headless One summoning circles will spawn when the boss decides to take a shield break, letting you convert some more pages as well as dropping a pumpkin bomb upon death. Rinse and repeat until the last pumpkin head has been smashed, and the boss has been vanquished.

The newest weapon for the Festival of the Lost, Mechabre

Once the boss has been defeated, it’s time for the treats, which increase in value with each Headless one that had been vanquished in the sector. The star of the show here is the brand new sniper rifle, Mechabre. This arc sniper doesn’t just have style and a special sound effect, but a 72 RPM as well as access to some killer perks for both PVE and PVP alike, making this a top pick for any guardians with a penchant for long range kills. Also up for grabs are the Jurassic Green and BrayTech Werewolf, both coming equipped with new and improved perk pools. With such a selection of weapons, heads are sure to roll, and you’ll want some backup while grinding for gear. Good luck trick or treating guardians!