Final Fantasy 14’s Second Housing Lottery is Here

Everything you need to know for FF14’s next housing lottery, beginning May 26th

Final Fantasy 14’s Second Housing Lottery is Here

Final Fantasy 14’s housing lottery got off to a rough start the first time it rolled out, with the lottery system malfunctioning and initially saying that no one had won the lottery at all. Thankfully, no one lost their money, and even more thankfully, the developers at Square Enix were able to determine who won the lottery as well, and give them all the houses they had no longer paid for. The lottery system was then suspended to allow the developers to fix the problems that had caused the No Winners problem. Now, the lottery system is back online, and the second official Final Fantasy 14 housing lottery begins today, May 26th.

The bug from the first housing lottery

With the lottery system back up and running, it’s a good idea to go over how it works. A Final Fantasy Housing Lottery lasts 9 days, the first 5 are for entering into the lottery, and the final 4 are for the winners to log in and claim their housing plot, or lose half of the money they put down on the house and walk away with nothing. Players can only place a lottery bid on one house at a time, and will need to deposit the entire price of the housing plot in order to place their bid. Prices range from 3-4 million Gil for small house plots, 16-20 million Gil for medium house plots, or a whopping 40-50 million Gil for a large house plot.

But, just because the housing lottery is back up again doesn’t mean that you can buy any house you want without a care in the world. That is partially due to the artificial housing scarcity brought on by Final Fantasy 14’s refusal to accept the incredible utility of instanced housing, but that’s a topic for another time. The topic of focus here is the division between Free Company housing, and Personal housing. With the new housing system came a new way of dividing up these two land uses. The first wards in any housing district will now be for sale only to Free Companies, and housing lotteries will be accessible to those who hold the power to buy land in an Eligible free company. This means you need to have been in the Free Company for 30 days, the Company needs to have at least 4 members, and the Company must be at least level 6. The personal housing wards only have 2 requirements, that the player have at least one class above level 50, and that they are a Second Lieutenant or higher in their Grand Company of choice.

Empyreum, a focal point for the housing lottery

The Final Fantasy housing market has been an eventful place in the quietest of times, and the start of a new housing lottery is certainly the opposite. Any players who meet the previously mentioned housing requirements and can find a house up for lottery has until the 30th to place their lottery bid, and will then have until June 3rd to claim any potential winnings. Good luck Warriors!