Everything We Know About Destiny 2's New Expansion Lightfall

What to expect from the penultimate expansion of Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness Saga

Everything We Know About Destiny 2's New Expansion Lightfall
New challenges await Guardians in the next Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall

Destiny 2's newest addition Lightfall is a scant week away, and the anticipation is palpable. As the second to last expansion of what Bungie has named the Light and Darkness Saga of Destiny 2, the plot that has stretched from the very launch of the game is steadily growing to its crescendo. The Witness is coming, Calus and their fleet have sworn fealty to their plan. If the Guardians do not find what Savathun hid, all will surely be lost. The stakes have never been higher, and the job of the Guardian has never been more vital.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. With new challenges come new tools to meet them, and with Lightfall, the devs have really gone all out. The main attraction in this regard is, of course, Strand, the newest subclass available to players. Allowing you to pull on the threads of reality, Strand is a far cry from the normal elemental subclasses. This uniqueness also comes with a bit of a learning curve, as might be expected. There are three major Strand debuffs.

Lightfall's Strand Trailer

Suspend, where your enemy is suspended off the ground and is unable to attack, except for PVP where they are still heavily slowed.
Unravel, where strands whip out of the affected enemy, hitting nearby enemies and potentially unraveling them as well.
Sever, where you cut an enemy out of the fabric of reality, reducing their damage.
Defeating enemies affected by these debuffs leaves a Tangle, which guardians can either shoot or throw to unleash additional AoE damage. But Strand isn’t all offensive ability. With the Woven Mail buff, your guardian can spin up an armored mesh. And nowhere is off limits with the signature grapple ability, along with complementary grapple melee to keep your Guardian dealing death where ever they go. And then, of course, we get into each class's Strand abilities.

Warlocks become Broodweavers, controlling Threadlings to carry out their bidding and swarm their enemies. Their Needlestorm super shoots out a veritable army of these threadlings, letting them swarm over the competition.
Hunters become Threadrunners, whipping around their rope dart, suspending enemies, and grappling all over the map. Their Silkstrike super gives unlimited grapple ability, allowing the Hunter to chain light and heavy rope dart attacks all across the battlefield.
Titans become Berserkers, weaving giant blades to their hands, severing enemies, and using their tangles to weave into armor. Their Bladefury super allows them to cut through the battle, with a heavy attack that sends out waves that suspend any enemy unfortunate enough to get caught in them.

Bungie's Virtual Documentary on Lightfall

But if you’re not willing to toy with the threads of reality, there’s still quite a bit to look forward to in Lightfall. Case in point, the weapon crafting system is getting a much-anticipated rework. Many of the crafting-only resources are getting the boot in favor of a much more streamlined system, and Deepsight will now only appear on weapons that can take advantage of it. Further down the production line, manual Deepsight activation is coming in Season 21. Coming along with it is a 3-tier Adept Weapon Enhancement system. And last but not least for you weapons enthusiasts, a Weapon Level Boosting system is also making its way to the game. So no matter how you prefer to get your weapons, you’ll be able to tweak them into the best versions of themselves.

But the Devs aren’t just looking to the immediate future. They want Destiny to be around for a long time to come and are ready to support the game through thick and thin. In recent community posts, they’ve already discussed issues from combating power creep in the game and keeping seasons fresh, to making the game more user-friendly via In-Game Loadouts, Mod reworks, and the new Guardian Rank system.
Clearly, there is a lot coming to the game very soon. The 24-hour downtime for Lightfall will begin Monday, February 27th, and Lightfall will release Tuesday, February 28th. Are you ready to bear Witness, Guardian?