Destiny 2 Long Awaited Feature is On the Horizon

Cross play has been announced for Destiny 2, as well as the return of the Iron Banner and Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall Strike.

Destiny 2 Long Awaited Feature is On the Horizon

With Season of the Splicer coming to a close in less than a month, new Destiny 2 rumors and speculation have been making the rounds. But speculate no longer - Cross Play is coming to Destiny 2!

Many Guardians have been anxiously awaiting August 24th, the date the official reveal for Season 15 and the anticipated release of the next expansion featuring the Witch Queen. In the latest This Week at Bungie post, Bungie has confirmed that Season 15 will bring Cross Play to life. No matter the platform, Guardians will now be able to team up with friends across Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia to form Fireteams (and maybe put the Console vs PC wars to rest).

One of the first questions that may concern players comes from a pre-existing feature. Destiny 2 has supported cross saves for a while now, allowing you to log in from different devices to access the same account. But with Cross Play, players may have a different name depending on their platform without some changes. That's why Bungie is implementing a new naming system, where you can search friends via their Bungie Name, but their Destiny name should be retained. In addition, this will add the ability to add friends to your Bungie friends across platforms.

A glimpse at what Rosters will look like with Cross Play

Competitive modes also tend to make Cross Play difficult, and Bungie has decided to tackle this challenge in a similar way to Blizzard with Overwatch; for competitive modes such as Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and Gambit, you will only match with players using the same platform. That doesn't mean that your friends need to switch from Xbox to Playstation or vice versa though, as Console players will have their own Competitive pool. Stadia will be included in console pools, and PC players will have their own separate pool. While Bungie states this may change in the future, this is what Guardians can expect from competitive modes for the near future.

Glassway Grandmaster Nightfall

While there's still a ways before we can dive into Cross Play, Season of the Splicer isn't done yet. The Iron Banner makes its final return this season, beginning August 3rd and ending August 10th. For Guardians looking to earn Banner rewards such as Riiswalker and Archon's Thunder, this will be your last chance of the season to do so! Next week, all Grandmaster Nightfalls will be active as well, and Guardians will have the chance to defeat Belmon in the Glassway Nightfall.

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