Destiny 2's Path of the Splicer Hints at the Return of the Witch Queen

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer could be laying the groundwork for the Witch Queen's return.

Destiny 2's Path of the Splicer Hints at the Return of the Witch Queen

Destiny 2 has seen some pivotal plot points recently as Season of the Splicer continues, and with this week's challenge, we may have gotten a glimpse at the future of Destiny 2. As the Vex threat begins to fade, what challenges will the Guardians face next?

This week's Path of the Splicer quest rewarded players with quite a bit of lore revolving around Mithrax and the Eliksni. Since the beginning of the season, the Vex have served as the inciting incident, but it seems that their threat is second to the one brewing in the Last City. With political unrest clamoring to new heights and the Future War Cult attempting to incite a rebellion against the Eliksni, players have had a lot to focus on, and the future seems uncertain.

Savathun the Witch Queen

But what if the Future War Cult has ambitions beyond politics? Or rather, what if politics are not behind it at all? As week 4 introduced a new message from Lakshmi-2 to the Guardians, a surprising revelation was made. Lakshmi-2 claims to have heard the song of the people echoing throughout the city, one that she sings back to them. But the tune may not be the people's at all, as the chilling tune is one heard before: Savathun's Song.

Savathun the Witch Queen seems to have laid down the foundation for the next Destiny 2 expansion, aptly titled The Witch Queen. While Bungie has yet to release many details, it's clear her influence has already begun to take hold in the world of Destiny 2. Her Song is a dangerous one, one that cannot be unheard and allows her mind control to take hold. And it seems this is not the first time her influence has spread; for the past 3 seasons, Crow and Osiris have often been heard whistling Savathun's Song.

Has Osiris fallen victim to the Witch Queen? 

While we can only speculate on the catastrophic events that may occur at the Witch Queen's hand, Guardians still have plenty to do until more information is released. You can try your hand at the Vault of Glass, and partake in the Trials of Osiris. The rest of the season is sure to hold some interesting details, so get prepared to tackle whatever challenges are coming next (and don't be afraid to call in the CarrySquad for some backup!)

Source: GameRant by Andrea Trama