Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Brings Back Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes return to Destiny 2, bringing new challenges and rewards.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Brings Back Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

This week's Destiny 2 reset brings some exciting new challenges to the game, including the return of the Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. These strikes pack quite the punch and offer some of the most difficult challenges in the game, and rewards that make it all worth it.

To enter the Nightfall events, Guardians must be at a minimum 1335 power, which can come from a combination of artifacts and pinnacle power. Considered aspirational endgame content, Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes bring new challenges to the game mode. From stronger enemies, sturdier bosses, and modifiers that can change a number of game features, the challenge is one that only the hardiest of Guardians can accomplish.

Players can obtain Adept Weapons by completing the Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

Players will have a limited number of respawns, so careful planning with your team will be crucial. You'll want to save heavy ammo to quickly eliminate dangerous targets and combo your Supers to keep teammates alive.

If you're fortunate enough to complete this hefty challenge, the rewards are even better. Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes give players a chance to snag some of the best loot in the game: Adept weapons. Adept weapons were first introduced last season, and offer weapons from the previous Destiny title with even better stats.

The Conqueror Seal awaits those who complete Triumphs

The rewards for the Grandmaster Nightfall Strike include Adept versions of the Hung Jury scout rifle, Plug One.1 fusion rifle, and the Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle. The rewards and challenges will cycle each week, as the previous Nightfall strikes have, and completing each one will earn you progress towards Triumphs that will unlock the prestigious Conqueror Seal. If you're looking for someone to team up with and tackle these challenges, the CarrySquad can help you claim these rewards!