Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards, January 15, 2021

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards, January 15, 2021

Go flawless and get to the Lighthouse with your team today. Trials of Osiris returns again today with new rewards.

Map: Pacifica

This map is set aboard one of Titan's rigs and features vertical, tight corridors and a steep learning curve.


  • Pacifica offers plenty of cover; Use it!
  • Run together as a squad and focus down the targets. Pacifica a close-knit map so you'll be able to lock down your enemies ever faster and they'll find it even tougher to escape your squad's intensity.
  • Close range weapons will work best since most of your duels will happen in small corridors and cramped spaces. Pack a sidearm, shotgun, sword, or submachine gun and you're going to do just fine!

Loot Rewards:

  • 3 wins — Tomorrow’s Answer, Void rocket launcher
  • 5 wins — Exile’s Curse, Arc fusion rifle
  • 7 wins — Astral Horizon, Kinetic shotgun
  • Flawless — Cover, Helm, Hood of the Exile (Hunter, Titan, Warlock helmet). Adept Projectile Speed mod

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Trials Passages

Guardians can pick between five passages to get additional bonuses for the Trials runs.

  • Confidence - Get an extra reward from Flawless chests.
  • Ferocity - Bonus for three wins with no losses
  • Mercy - Forgives a loss in your run.
  • Wealth - Get extra Trials Tokens for winning.
  • Wisdom - Receive bonus XP for winning Trials.


  • End Game. Complete matches and rounds. Wins in the Trials of Osiris grant the most efficient progress. Awards the 3 Win Challnge reward from this week.
  • Arsenal of Light.  As a fireteam, defeat opponents using abilities in the Trials of Osiris.