Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Week 11

Destiny 2's Week 11 reset goes live today, and with it some new challenges and rewards.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Week 11

Another semi-quiet week at Destiny 2, Week 11 is the first week in the Season of the Splicer that won't hold any weekly challenges. But don't fret - Bungie has a host of new strikes and raid challenges to keep you occupied.

With just about a month left until the end of the current season, the lull in weekly challenges and story content allows Guardians the opportunity to catch up on challenges they may have missed previously or fallen behind on. But for those who've stayed ahead of the curve, the lack of weekly challenges with this reset might seem underwhelming. If you're looking to grind some materials and experience, you won't want to miss out on the strikes this week.

Team Scorched Crucible mode returns for the last time this season

The first activity is one that graces the game only twice a season. Team Scorched is a 6v6 PvP activity found in the Crucible where Guardians will use Cannons to defeat their opponents instead of weapons. The activity holds a challenge titled "Sacred Scorcher", so if you missed out on it the first time now's your chance to knock it out.

Adept Uzume rr4

Moving on to Strikes, this week brings a brand new nightfall strike on the "Warden of Nothing" playlist. In addition to the Grandmaster version of the strike also being available to players, you'll also have the chance to grab this week's exclusive nightfall weapon, the Uzume rr4.

Vault of Glass' new challenge is titled "Wait for It..." 

Gambit and Vault of Glass will also be areas of focus this week, with the former granting a 3x EXP bonus. The Vault of Glass raid's new challenge, titled "Wait for It...", tasks Guardians with defeating a series of Vex Wyverns during the 2nd encounter while also being sacrificed in Confluxes.

Whether you're eager to tackle these new challenges, catch up on previous ones, or are just patiently waiting for the next season's announcement on August 24th, the world of Destiny 2 continues to offer something engaging for its players. Stuck on a challenge or working towards a specific Seal? Call in the CarrySquad!