Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returns With New Pinnacle Rewards

The Iron Banner Crucible event returns today, offering Guardians the chance to claim some exclusive loot before it ends on June 15th.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returns With New Pinnacle Rewards

After last week's story heavy quests and content, Guardians will have a chance to mull over what this means for the future of the Last City. And you're in luck - Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner have returned today in Destiny 2!

Iron Banner is the monthly Crucible event that offers a new twist on the Control game mode. No longer is the playing field even, as level advantages are enabled to offer higher Light level Guardians an advantage of the competition. This means that weapons with higher light will pack more of a punch, and higher light armor will decrease more of the incoming damage.

The Iron Banner returns this week in Destiny 2

While it may seem that the odds are skewed (which they undoubtedly are), Guardians of all Light levels shouldn't pass up this opportunity to earn the event's currency, Iron Banner tokens. These coins never expire, and can be traded to Lord Saladin for Pinnacle Rewards. And in conjuncture with the new Stasis ability Nerf, lower Light level players will have a chance to use that to their advantage.

A glimpse at the pinnacle rewards for this month's Iron Banner

Some may remember an odd bug from the last Iron Banner that prevented the Pinnacle Rewards from dropping as they should, and in lieu of the issue many Guardians opted to save them for this round. If you've got a stock pile going, keep adding on to it because you won't want to miss out on these rewards. While there's no official list yet, we've gotten a glimpse at what these rewards might be. Don't wait and miss out on these limited rewards, the CarrySquad is here for all your Destiny 2 boosting needs to help you claim victory in the Iron Banner.