Bungie looks to the future as Destiny 2's Witch Queen Expansion nears

After a surprising acquisition of Bungie by Sony, the Destiny 2 developer looks to the future of what the Witch Queen expansion brings.

Bungie looks to the future as Destiny 2's Witch Queen Expansion nears

With the Witch Queen’s release steadily approaching, and a sneak peek at the game’s new weapons and crafting system, now’s the perfect time to prepare your Guardian for the battles to come, and to take a look at what you might be arming yourself with, and against, in the near future.

Destiny 2 Weapons and Gear Trailer

Following the momentous acquisition of Bungie by Sony – a deal that sees the Destiny and original Halo creator become a Sony studio for $3.6 billion, Bungie dropped a teaser trailer of what’s to come. The video shows off new weapons, new armor, and a new weapons crafting system. What’s known so far is that Guardians will be able to go to a new area on Mars in order to forge their own custom weapons. You’ll start with a basic template, and your new weapons will grow as your Guardian uses them, unlocking new and better changes you’ll be able to equip to your arsenal.

The Osteo Striga

But don’t go filling up your armory with custom gear quite yet, Bungie revealed some of their most fun looking guns for this Exotic trailer. First up there’s the Grand Overture, described as a Slug launcher that charges full auto missiles. This gun looks perfect for blasting through legions of Hive enemies of rival Guardians in PvP. Next up is the Parasite, the star of the trailer. This grenade launcher launches Hive Worms that explode into toxic sludge on impact in an action that could just as easily be construed as psychological warfare as it could be as really freaking cool. Last but certainly not least of the exotics is the Osteo Striga, a toxic submachine gun with swarming projectiles. This gun looks perfect for clearing out adds on Throne world, with each fallen foe possessing the possibility to infect another.

A new weapon type - the Glaive

In addition to the new Exotics, Bungie also showed off a new weapon type, the Glaive. Focusing much more on one on one melee than the hack and slash of the sword, each of the three glaives shown have a class requirement and unlock a new ability. The Titans get The Edge of Action, which give them the ability to place down a protective shield to protect yourself and your fire team. Warlock’s Edge of Intent spawns a healing turret, perfect for keeping your team in fighting shape, or to keep your guardian alive when they’re off on their own. And rounding out the team is the Hunter’s Edge of Concurrence, which allows your guardian to unleash a bolt of chain lighting to track down your foes.