Apex Legend’s Newest Season Eclipse is Almost Here

Everything to know about Season 15 of Respawn’s Battle Royale

Apex Legend’s Newest Season Eclipse is Almost Here

It’s that time again when the seasons change, the roster expands, balance changes go into effect, and it’s just a little too late to make a comparison to Fall. There's a lot to go into this season from the introduction of the newest Legend: Catalyst, to the newest map to grace Apex’s roster: Cleo, the crumbling moon. Prepare yourself legends, we’re diving right in.

Season 15's Launch Trailer

The biggest draw of any season is, of course, the newest legend. Catalyst, or if you prefer to call Legends by their non-Apex names, Tressa Smith is a defensive legend with control over a mysterious Ferrofluid that provides her with quite an edge in fortifying a position. While her kit had been leaked earlier in development, recent trailers have shown that it has gotten quite a rework since then. Gone are the platforms and towers, giving the Ferrofluid space to live up to the second half of its name a little bit more.

Catalyst’s Passive is Reinforce. This allows her to - you guessed it - reinforce things. Specifically, doors and place-able structures will be reinforced while Catalyst is near them. Potentially even to the point of allowing destroyed structures to be rebuilt.

Her Tactical is now called Resin shot. In place of building ramps and platforms, this sticky orb of Ferrofluid spreads across the ground and slows Legends that run through it. The season trailer even shows Legends falling and becoming completely stuck, though how much of that is creative license won’t be confirmed until the season launches.

Last but not least is Catalyst’s Ultimate, Ferro Wall. This gigantic barrier prevents bullets from passing through and slows even the fastest of legends running through it to a crawl. It also seems to completely nullify Seer’s Exhibit ultimate in the launch trailer. All in all, this paints a picture of a much different kit than the initial leak, more focused on hindering enemy teams instead of setting up the perfect vantage point.

Catalyst's Story from the Outlands

Closely connected to Catalyst’s announcement is the reveal of the newest Apex map, Cleo. On the crumbling moon of Boreas, Tressa and her friend attempted to stop the megacorporation Hammond Robotics in their mysterious goals for the moon with a spirited attempt at some Eco-Terrorism. But that evidently wasn’t enough to stop them from setting up a battle arena, proving once and for all that OSHA is on Hammond's payroll. Further information on this newest map, along with the gameplay trailer for Eclipse, is dropping on Monday the 24th.

Test out Catalyst's kit for yourself starting November 1st

Eclipse is definitely shaping up to be a meta-changing season, especially for the Seer Mains. And the entire player base is sure to enjoy exploring a new Apex map and any secrets it may have to uncover. Season 15: Eclipse, comes out on November 1st and will last for three months, giving the player base plenty of time to explore Catalyst’s Kit, familiarize themselves with Cleo, and rocket through the ranks. May the stars be in your favor Legends!