Apex Legends Mobile’s Second Season is Getting a New Legend

Meet Rhapsody, the latest Mobile Exclusive Legend, in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

Apex Legends Mobile’s Second Season is Getting a New Legend

The second season of Apex Legend’s Mobile is already on its way. Arriving on July 12, Apex Legends Mobile: Distortion marks the first changing of the seasons for the new mobile game, making it an important milestone. And is deserving of such an achievement, there’s quite a lot on the way for this momentous occasion, including the introduction of a new mobile exclusive legend, Rhapsody.

The Launch Trailer for Season 2: Distortion

Legend by day, DJ by night, Rhapsody comes from the land of Komma, in the district of Neon Dunes. Her mother was an AI researcher working for Pythas Incorporated, and even designed and fabricated Rhapsody’s Deejaying AI buddy, Rowdy. After her mother discovered just a few of Pythas’s many many secrets, she was discreetly laid off, sending Rhapsody’s family plummeting into debt. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Rhapsody signed up for the Apex games. Her story beyond that is in your hands.

While an official description of her kit has yet to be released, a mixture of theorizing based on the trailer where Rhapsody made her debut and good old fan theorizing has given fans a few ideas of what it could be. Most of the speculation revolves around Rhapsody’s AI pal, Rowdy. Now certainly an AI companion could be used in a variety of fashions, and from a scene in the trailer that showed Rowdy putting up a shield, most of the speculation is around Rowdy giving defensive support, although some other theories say that Rowdy will have offensive or non-combat abilities. Outside of her AI companion though, things grow a lot more vague, with hypotheses of speed boosts, sonar tracking, or anything else with a vague connection to sound.

A shot of Rhapsody and Rowdy from their trailer

With only days left before the switch to a new season, there’s a lot to be excited about. In just a few days all your Rhapsody questions will be answered, and also the more important question of how fun she’ll be to play, and what else this second season will bring. And if you can’t get enough, the PC/Console version is still going strong.